I have been a bit teary today.


That’s what I’ve felt for a little bit now.

Teary because I’m overwhelmed.

Maybe not how you think though.

Overwhelmed by what people can do.  What their hearts and sweet souls lead them to do that touches the lives of those around them.  Sometimes people they know, and sometimes the lives of complete strangers.

Either way.  It is a sight to behold and amazing to experience.

I have wonderful friends who know that we homeschool and who thought of us when they came across book treasures.  My littles love books almost as much as I do, and they have been busy digging into the new additions to our library.  The idea that people who didn’t have to would take the time not just to see the books and think, “Oh Tara and her zany crew might enjoy these…..” but also make the time and effort to see that those books are put in our hands.

Humbled.  Thrilled.  Grateful.  Teary.

I know of a woman starting out her photography business.  Instead of asking folks on Facebook to help her get clients, she asked about high school seniors in our community who might not otherwise be able to have the excitement of having senior pictures made.  She wanted to get some experience and help someone out at the same time.  What a beautiful way of giving back!  I know how much it meant to my own senior almost two years ago to have that time blocked out where she was the center of attention.  It’s a huge deal and another one of those “traditions” that children from lower-income households might miss out on.  Can you imagine if all of our photographer friends made such an offer to one or two young teens in their community?  That message of “I care” and “you matter to me” is so important for a young person to hear.  I can only imagine the difference that could make in the life of a young person about to embark on a new journey in life.

Really good stuff.

There is a pet trainer who loves what she does–she truly loves animals and their people and gets joy out of making their lives smoother, helping them understand each other better.  She loves what she does so much that she offered her time to help a puppy that was uncomfortable in the bigger classroom setting.  She set aside time to work with the family and taught them things they can do to help the puppy work through what stresses her.  To love your job, your calling so much that you give of yourself, your knowledge, your heart, and your time so freely–that is someone who has a beautiful heart.

Overwhelmed by the kindness.  By the passion for a calling.

I found myself watching a show “Kim of Queens.”  Kim Gravel is a former Miss Georgia who is a pageant coach.  Her style of coaching fascinates me, and it’s a great study in psychology, which I enjoy in lieu of going back to school and taking classes and reading case studies.  It takes less time, and I don’t have to write research papers.  On a recent episode she auditioned for new clients.  A young girl came in whose mother had lost her job, and they had lost their home.  The girl sang for Kim, her Mom, and her sister, and they all fell in love with this girl’s spirit.  Kim offered to coach her for an upcoming pageant.  The show went through all that occurred to get Adia and the rest of the girls ready for the competition.  Though Adia didn’t place, she triumphed.  She did well and overcame her fears, and Kim went to her and her mother at the end of the episode and offered Adia a full scholarship  for her coaching.  To paraphrase the former Miss Georgia, “I run this business to make money.  I like money.  But I don’t love money.  I love changing lives and building strong women.”

Weeping.  Overwhelmed.  By the giving spirit of someone whom folks are lining up to give their money to so she’ll coach their daughters.

Just yes.  This.

Sometimes we need to be reminded of the good in the world, and this past week has been a particularly hard one.

Tonight my heart is lifted.  By the laughter and wisdom shared during an unexpected visit with three strong and beautiful women this afternoon, by the sound of joy and laughter in the voice of my oldest whom I miss when she’s away, and by the kindness of those around me who overwhelm me with their generosity, love, and encouragement.

May we all take time today to think of someone else, to let our passion for what we do, no matter what that is, shine through and brighten someone else’s life.

If we have something, may we share it.

If we have something to give, let us not wait another moment to pass it along.

If we see someone who needs a listening ear, a kind word, or just someone to sit and be quiet with, may we run, not walk, to be right there beside them.

If there is change needed, let us be first in line to get it started.

It only takes one moment of thinking outside the box and making it about someone else to change a life, to change our world.

Tonight I’m most thankful for the tears that flow freely and for being overwhelmed.  To the life changers out there, thank you.


Love to all.

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