Barring Unforeseen Circumstances

I love my job.

The one that has me spending no two days the same–the one that can turn around on a dime, as quick as the numbers rise on a thermometer or a stomach goes south or as fast as we realize we have to have this particular something by Saturday.  I rarely plan anything without saying “barring unforeseen circumstances.”

Because those circumstances that do come into being are just about always unforeseen.  The good ones as well as the bad.

And I’m learning to roll with the punches.

Well, for the most part.  Although Mama said “Flexible” was her middle name (jury is still out on that one *ahem*),  it most definitely is not mine, but I’m aiming for “somewhat limber.”

I love the chance for creativity that this job offers.   The other day Cooter said he wasn’t feeling good.  He had a couple of things to do that evening, places he was supposed to be…..activities he is a part of.  He drew a picture of his head with an arrow through it and brought it to me.

“This.”  He handed it over.

“What is this, bud?” I asked.

“It’s what my head feels like.  Right.  Now.”  He paused for effect.  “And my stomach is bothering me too.”

Hmmm.  Really.  First I’m hearing about all of this.  Okay.  Not that it was impossible, but well…..

“Oh I sure am sorry about that.  Okay let’s just sit and relax for a few minutes.”  I waited for a little bit, and then:  “Hey, I have an idea.  Who wants brownies and ice cream?”

That boy jumped up so fast he made MY head spin.  “I do!  I do!  I do!”

“Ha!  You playing me?  I thought your head and stomach hurt?”  He at least had the decency to look properly chagrined.

Our Princess was thoroughly impressed.  “Oh Mama!”  She even clapped her hands.  “That was very good.  I’m going to remember that so I can do it when my children are playing me.”

Ha.  Well, okay.  Sure.  Go ahead.

Today they were talking about where they’d like to live when they grow up.  Turns out Cooter isn’t going to get married but plans to adopt two girls and two boys and the boys will have bunk beds in their room, so he can get a three bedroom house.  Or maybe a four bedroom.  He wasn’t sure.  He might need bedroom number four in case our Princess’ children want to come over and spend the night with their cousins, he says.  Or, Princess said, “maybe you should have it for when my husband wants to have a guys’ night sleepover!”  Oh me, these children.

Apparently they both plan on living in Florida too, because, well “duh” (my word, their attitude) Mama, “Disney, our children…..Disney.”  So yeah, pretty sure that when I closed my eyes for a few minutes this afternoon, I was being nominated for worst parent of the year because we live five and a half hours away from Disney, and I won’t move us any closer.  (Our Princess, who apparently has picked up for my love of Georgia, asked how close to Disney we would be if we lived at the very “bottom” of Georgia.)   It’s an award I deserve, I suppose.

Tonight I found myself laughing to myself, knowing that I have truly reached the pinnacle of Mamahood.

I think my children have Fall Fever.  The weather is a little cooler.  They asked me if we were going to turn on the heat.  (Ummm, no.)  The weather has been gray and overcast, and they are having a hard time focusing.  Or maybe that’s just me.

Despite all that, they have been fussing and fighting most of the afternoon and evening–the kind of arguing that makes a Mama crazy.  (“He’s touching me.”  “She pushed me.”  “Mama make him/her stop!!!!!!”)  Within a fifteen minute time span I found myself saying:

“Don’t you even think about doing that again!”

“Ahem.  Do it again.  Do.  It.  Again.” (complete with the teeth clenched and everything)

When you make two completely opposite statements, and they mean the exact same thing…..you might be a Mama.

Tonight I’m thankful for my children, the reasons I have the job I do.  Some days they make it easy, many not so much, but they always keep it interesting and they usually throw in some much-needed laughter as well.  I love the adventures my days become, and I love being along for the ride as they figure out who they are and whom they going to be.

Tomorrow is another day, but it’s sure to be full of more mischief and things that surprise me and others not so much.  And I even know our plans ahead of time for a change.

Well, you know, barring unforeseen circumstances.

Wishing you all a job you love.

Love to all.



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