You Might Be a Southerner If…..

So I overheard this today:
“Y’all be careful around that cup and don’t mess with it. That’s your aunt’s fruit fly trap. I have one at home too.”

I love it.

You might be from the South if a cup covered with holey plastic wrap regales your home in the summer. The fruit flies go in but they can’t figure how to come out.

Which is a very good thing, especially this time of year when those little rascals are messing with my beautiful peaches and whatever else I might be trying to put up in the freezer. Not gonna happen.

It’s good to have your quirks and ways known and accepted and to be loved anyway.
Wishing you all the same kind of love.


4 thoughts on “You Might Be a Southerner If…..”

    1. Heidi, I put a little apple juice in the bottom. After a day or two, it was really ripe and attracting them like crazy. I’ve left it a while, and to be truthful, it’s starting to smell so I’m going to change it out fresh. I have gotten most of them, but then I brought in all these peaches (and hope to go get more on Saturday maybe), so I’m trying to be proactive. I am sure that there are any number of things you can use though. Thank you for reading.

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