The Cost of Towing

So there’s this stuff that needs to get from here to there. The logical solution, at least one of them, is to have a hitch put on the vehicle and rent a trailer.
The first thing to do is price having a hitch put on the back of the vehicle headed in that direction.
Sticker shock.
Just to put that little ball thing that I inevitably run in to every time I walk around behind the vehicle?
In a nutshell–yes.
It’s expensive to haul stuff.
And not just tangible stuff. It costs us a lot to haul around all the extra baggage filled with emotions and hurts and hard memories. It slows us down and keeps us from getting as far as we can go. When we are hauling around so much, we are limited as to where we can go as well. And not many people will put up with us for very long if we are always dragging this trailer stuffed full of stuff we just can’t or won’t let go of.
Tonight I am thankful for family and friends who help me when my trailer of emotional “stuff” gets overfull. They help me unburden myself by listening and by reminding who I am. I give thanks for our times together sharing stories of memories past and making new ones to reflect upon one day.
Wishing you someone to help you unpack your trailer of stuff and lighten your load.
Love to all.

2 thoughts on “The Cost of Towing”

  1. Just got back from a woman’s retreat at which I realized I had been carrying extra baggage for 25 years that was not only not serving me, it also wasn’t mine! Such a relief to let go of trying to be someone I’m not!

    1. Wow. I am sitting here blown away. Twenty-five years is a LONG time. THIS IS HUGE. What a great accomplishment–and I’m sure it wasn’t easy. I hope that you continue to leave that “junk” behind. Way to go, thanks for reading, and thank you for sharing the good news!

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