Shoes That Make Me Wonder…..and Old Habits Die Hard

So ummm, yeah, I’m back.

Old habits die hard y’all.  All day long while I’ve peeled peaches and prepared meals and done our OutandAbouts, I’ve found myself thinking about what I was going to write about.  I paid close attention  to those around me and the insects and the sunshine, looking for that story that begged to be told.  I can’t turn it off.  (And I’m not sure I want to.)

Anyway, in the midst of it all, these shoes stayed on my mind.

The mystery shoes--have no idea where these came from y'all.


I may have waited too long to rejoin my household and attempt to put things in order.  (Okay, right, busted–as much order as I can manage, which isn’t much.  I tend to get a bit distracted by the words in my head at times.)

So yesterday evening as we were heading out the door, I was grabbing a pair of shoes from where we pile them by the garage door.  (Yeah, we’re that family–kick our shoes off at the door.)  I noticed that pair of tennis shoes.  As I headed out the door, sliding my shoes on at the same time, I called out to my family–“hey, whose shoes are those?”

We loaded up in the gomobile, and the Fella told me that he found them under Cooter’s bed.  I looked at him over my bifocals.  Do what?

“Really.  Under his bed?”

He nodded.  Well, what on earth.

Y’all these are not Cooter’s shoes.  He doesn’t wear that size shoe yet.  And they are not our Princess’ either.  It’s been a while since she’s worn that size and they are in way too good a shape to ever have been on her foot.  She’s rough on shoes–just sayin’.

So I’ve been speculating.  When Cooter told me they came from his closet I thought, well, maybe they are some the Fella’s sister passed down from her boys.  Except, of course.  For.  The.  Pink.  Stripes.  Ahem.  Not her style or theirs, I’m thinking.

So while I’m not as troubled at finding a pair of girls’ shoes under my little guy’s bed as I could be in the future, still it’s got me befuddled and bamboozled.  Where on earth did these shoes come from?  They’re really nice and in good condition.  Makes me almost wish Cooter were color blind so he’d wear them in the next couple of years.

Ah, but no.

So that’s been my laugh and “head shaker” for the day.  And I couldn’t wait to share it with all of you.  If any of you know whose shoes these are, do tell.  In the meantime, I’m wondering what little girl showed up at home with no shoes and Mama didn’t call me asking why.

And since I promised myself, my people, and all of you that I was cutting back, I’m even going to hit publish without editing and re-reading for the next two hours.

Wishing you all just enough mystery to keep life interesting.  Love to all.

4 thoughts on “Shoes That Make Me Wonder…..and Old Habits Die Hard”

  1. Well, maybe their the eldest’s and they’ve been packed away under there since you moved it? 😉 or from a family visit before and no one remembered during all the good times that shoes were missing.

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