May They Never Not See

I’m not here to argue the Second Amendment.  If you’re looking for that battle, head over to Facebook or any other social media and you won’t have to look long to find someone who will take the side opposite yours and debate the merits of their side for hours…..and days.

So this is not about that.  We don’t have to agree, okay?

This is about folks carrying their weapons.  In plain view.

I’m not going to argue about whether that’s right or wrong either.  I’m not there.

What this is about is, as usual, my emotions when I saw the gun, and more importantly, my children’s reactions.

The first time I saw someone carrying–and not concealed and not a police officer or peace officer or any kind of officer–was in our favorite barbecue restaurant.  (I was getting catfish, but that’s another story.)  The man came in and sat down at the table cater-cornered from us.  He added a salad bar on to his meal so he was up and down.  Which drew all of our attention.  My children were all bug-eyed.  In the interest of having good manners, I insisted they look away and lower their voices as they asked me “Why?” and “Is there a bad guy in here?”  Their worried faces and voices worried me.  And made me sad.  I know people carry concealed weapons.  But still, it was a shock to my system to see a weapon out in the open like that without a badge accompanying it.  I tried not to let my shock show in front of my children, but yeah.  It was there.

Yesterday, after an *ahem* incident with my phone being dropped and not working, we were at the store where I have a protection plan, testing out just how good the plan was.  My littles and I were standing at the counter for quite a while, waiting for the service to first be approved and then completed.  As we stood waiting, people came and went at the customer service register next to us.  Then I saw him.  A man with a gun in a holster on his right hip.  Within reaching distance, quite close, of my little guy.  Cooter turned to me with his eyes bugging out of his head.  I shook mine and moved us a little further away.  Fortunately, the man wasn’t there long.  I had to answer questions again about why and what was going to happen in the store.  *sigh*

I am not gun-ignorant but I’ll admit I’m not overly savvy either.  I’ve known folks who carried their guns in racks in their trucks.  I’ve had an aunt who tucked a gun in her purse for protection. My point is, I’ve seen guns before.

But not like this.

I think what troubles me the most is there are countries, neighborhoods where children would not blink an eye at guns in plain sight.  There are countries where guns are expected to be out in the open, and children duck and go on their way when they hear gunfire.  Where the person not carrying a weapon openly is in the minority.

Oh y’all.

I have no answers tonight.  Just fear.  I fear that my children will become accustomed to seeing these weapons out in the open, and one day their eyes won’t even really see them, they won’t bug out, and the questions won’t follow.  It will be the norm.  That’s what I fear.

For some reason tonight, I have a hankering to watch “Andy Griffith,” where the sheriff didn’t even carry a gun and the deputy’s gun and bullet were carried separately.

It’s not the guns–it’s what they represent.  That there is seemingly a more pressing need for them, such that they need to be carried openly.  And often.

Remember I said last night I’m needing some balance in my life?  I’m also hoping for some peace.  In my heart, in my home, in my world.

Love to all.



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