reflection of the good

For you, baby girl, not quite what you asked for, but this has been on my heart for a while.  Thankful for the gift you are.  Always. 



I think it is ironic

that of all the people

who miss him

and all he was,

it is I who gets to see

his smile

anytime I want–

well nearly anyway

there are times the frown

he perfected shows too

mostly when I frustrate her

or tease her unmercifully

just as my Daddy did me

When she smiles

it is with the smile of the one

who first laid eyes on her as she was being born

when she laughs

it is an echo of his delight

and when she cannot believe what she is hearing

she shares his surprise at such audacity

Of all who loved and miss him

I’m the one who sees him

most every day

Her face is a reflection of

all that was good in his life–

his joys, hopes, and dreams

She is beautiful

and she is mine

the gift he gave me

that I give thanks for always

even when the frown is showing

for she makes me who I am

by letting me love her

and share her dreams

and she makes my heart glad



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