wishing on a star


for those who still wish on stars and believe and cross their fingers and pinky promise, stay young and always let the light in…..


when she hears his name and remembers

she is eighteen again and she smiles

always eighteen, nineteen, twenty

though the lines in the mirror tell a different story now

but then, she was young, filled with hope and dreams

and wonder

and wishing on stars in the sky

that twinkled back down

winking conspiratorially, as if to say

“we got this”

she loved without reason

or attention to convention

she wrote long into the night before turning twenty

her last words written as a teenager,

she wrote that on the paper too

she can no longer find those words, but she knows

them by heart

the same heart she carried on her sleeve back then

only with a few more cracks now

patched together by the promises kept by those who love her

the cracks let the light in, they say

and she craves the light

as the memory of the smile of the first one she loved

and the sound of her name lifted into the air by his voice

take her back in time to see dreams that never were to be

and promises that were never kept

and words that were never written

“how did that story go?” she thinks now

the one she wrote, when she loved from afar and wished upon a star

for the one

to come along

filled with enough light to

pour over into her soul

and fill the darkness



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