Haiku Week, Part 7

Those moments when you can’t comfort your children, the ones you care for and love, when you can’t make it better?

Those are the worst.  Those hurts that a Band-Aid can’t fix.  Those times when anxiety has them worrying and having trouble thinking anything other than “worst case scenario” thoughts–they hurt my heart.  As Mama I want to fix it.  But I can’t always, can I?

In the past couple of weeks both of my girls have lived out situations that brought these words to mind…..


for my gift from God, because I can’t stop the hurting

you are always loved

whose little hand fit in mine

I will wipe those tears


when the world is scary

keep breathing, sweet one

one breath after another

it will be okay

Hoping you all have someone to love and to take your hand and comfort you.  Love to all.


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