Haiku Week, Part 6

I have taken more than a few moments this past week to look down at my feet in wonder. They truly amaze me. The same ten toes that brought my Mama and Daddy great joy upon being counted when I was first born, continue to share joy. I give thanks for my toes and my feet and how hard they work without much complaint (as long I don’t bring the foolishness of high heels back into our lives). One step at a time we go places together. And do things. They carry the burden that is me and have done so for nearly as long as I’ve been alive. They have changed over the years but never have they let me down. Such a great balance and team. My feet and me.

So it is with all of that I write:

Ode to my Feet, with love

These feet carry me
as far as my heart and mind
are willing to go


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