on going back

going back

to the person whose heart you hurt

oh so long ago

and saying “I’m sorry,

it was my brokenness,

not yours”


going back

to the person whom you

might have offended

and saying, “I’m sorry,

for the words that came

without thought”


going back

to the person you’ve

been so angry with,


and then saying, “It’s okay,

it’s over, my heart just let it go”




it is in the going back

that we can move forward

and beyond


and with a full

and thankful





3 thoughts on “on going back”

  1. Lovely poem. A few summers ago, I ended up in a town, back east where my first boyfriend lives. It was great to spend some time catching up with each other’s lives and to get a chance to say how sorry I was for hurting him. Our relationship lasted only five or six months, but was very meaningful to me. It felt great to tell him how much!

    1. That is a beautiful story Heidi. Thank you for sharing it. I have a young, sweet soul who feels that she needs to do exactly that with someone she dated for a while and will always care about. I am trying to be here to listen and guide as appropriate. It can be freeing, can’t it? Thank you for your kind words. ❤

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