With Great Power…..

My nephew Shaker is spending the night with us.  At least so far.  I am sitting on one end of Cap’s couch as he tries to fall asleep.  This is exactly where he wanted to camp out.  It’s a big deal, those first-time sleepovers.  I’m honored to be a part of it.  But it sure is hard to fall asleep in a different place, especially the first time, isn’t it?

Earlier today he and Cooter were playing.  I told them what I expected before I left them to it.  When I saw them again a little later, I asked them how things were going.  They both said Good.

“Yeah, I thought about not doing right, but then I remembered what they said in my Spiderman book, ‘With great power comes great responsibility,’ and I decided I’d do better,”  Cooter said.

Wow.  My boy is reading and he is excited that a book exists THAT HE CAN READ BY HIMSELF about one of his favorite subjects–superheroes.   He has read it several times and that one line has stuck with him.

This is NOT Cooter's Spiderman book. This is his other favorite right now.  I can't find Spiderman--I'm thinking it's tucked in bed with him.
This is NOT Cooter’s Spiderman book. This is his other favorite right now. I can’t find Spiderman–I’m thinking it’s tucked in bed with him.

And I sure am thankful for it.

That’s a line Mama and Daddy preached to us many times over the years.  They lived it, they preached it.  Practically the same thing, isn’t it?  If it’s done right.

I was full to bustin’ in the moment that Cooter said that this afternoon.  Of course then he and Shaker got into a heated discussion about if you can believe anything you read in books and how superheroes, and thus super powers, do not exist.  Maybe not, the other said, but one can have great power.  *sigh* One on one side, one on the other.  Par for the course with them.  They are those kinds of best buds–the ones who have some crazy arguments.

Tonight I am thankful for children running up and down stairs, in and out of doors, playing and imagining and dreaming big dreams together.  I give thanks for Cooter’s new love of reading and for our Princess’ love for her cousin (she read him and Cooter a bedtime story and keeps checking on him, that old mother hen–she’s making ME crazy, I can’t imagine how he feels about it.)  I have a child in every bed, including my big girl whose last exam for her freshman year is on Monday.  And for–well, what do you know–a nephew who has fallen asleep. For the first time at my house.


Shaker's best buddy is spending the night too.  Sweet dreams to all.
Shaker’s best buddy is spending the night too. Sweet dreams to all.

It’s the little things, y’all.  And the stuff the little things are learning.  And thinking through for themselves.  And teaching me, if I’ll listen up and pay attention.

Sweet dreams and love to all.


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