Today’s post is brought to you by a puppy who wasn’t feeling 100 percent last night but has bounced back quite well today, a little guy who hasn’t been himself the past two days and this evening we figured out why–man down (with fever)–and a day full of errands. Add to it a computer whose wifi connection lately has been tenuous at best and is non-existent tonight, a sink full of dirty dishes and a dishwasher full of clean ones, and clean clothes piled up from here to next week (which is ironic because that’s when it looks like I will finally get around to folding them all)–all that adds up to one word.
I’m calling it.
Remember when you were ready to give up in arm wrestling or thumb war? Uncle was code for “I’m done, I give up.”
Uncle uncle uncle.
From here to town and back.

Here’s to those days that start off less than ideal and never raise the bar. (I mean when your day gets started cleaning up “puppysick” you’d think it could only get better, right? Ahh, but no.) Here’s to friends who get it and let you vent. To daughters who encourage and suggest maybe it’s time for a wordless Thursday post, and to smartphones that have the WordPress app. And here’s to little fellas who want to cuddle when they don’t feel so good.

Here’s to you, who keep on keeping on, who keep on handling it, when all you want most to do is pack up your marbles and jacks and head home. Away from all of this. Hang in there, we all have those days. Or so I tell myself.
As for a wordless post, ha. My girl knows better. It is rare that I am speechless. However I think that tonight I will take my lead from Miss Sophie and call it a night.
After all, tomorrow can only get better, right?
Here’s hoping.
And in the words of my friend, Baddest Mother Ever, “This is no spaghetti.”
Talk about keeping it all in perspective. Wishing you all sunshine and healthy pets and littles. Love to all.

This pretty much says it all…..

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