A Kangaroo in the Family Tree

There’s a frost warning tonight.


I’m thinking we went from summer to winter all of a sudden, didn’t we?

I’ve been watching the weather forecast for the past two weeks waiting for the break in the weather.  And yesterday was the day it hit–

Hoodie weather!

Yesterday morning I looked at my hoodies hanging in my closet and I touched them almost reverently.  “It’s time,” I whispered with a bit of joy and awe.  Yes, I talk to my clothes.  That’s not strange, is it?  I found my favorite–a bulky and comfortable Georgia Tech hoodie given to me by my Gardener Friend.  It is perfect for cold days.  I put it back.  Not yet.  And I was right.  Yesterday morning was good hoodie weather, but by afternoon I had to take the one I had on off for a while.

But today.

This morning it was 43 degrees outside when I woke up.  I went and pulled out my favorite hoodie.  If I can’t stay in my pajamas all day, a hoodie and jeans is the next best thing.  I slipped it over my head and just yes.  Perfect.  And it was cold enough that I needed it all day long.  Just awesomeness.

I don’t know why I love hoodies so much.  I think there might have been a kangaroo somewhere back in a branch on the family tree because the pouch on the front of a hooded sweatshirt is my favorite feature.  I can stuff my keys, my phone, a bandana for noses and other necessities, and I’ve even stuffed my wallet in there a time or two.  Never mind it gives me something to do with my hands.  So yes, I’m the one pushing the grocery cart with my sweatshirt weighted down to my ankles because of all the stuff I’m toting in my front pocket.

But I’m hands free and I’m not losing any of it.

And they are the best when you are cleaning up.  Stray Legos, abandoned Army men, ponytail rings, Polly Pocket shoes, pens, and puzzle pieces fit in there nicely and are easily transported to their correct destination.  LOVE IT.

Perfect.  (I think the hoodie might just be the official superhero outfit of Justin Case.)

I do love fall.  I know I gave summer and Daylight Savings Time a hard time at the beginning.  But I got on track, and I definitely liked having daylight as I’m coming home from gymnastics or whatever activity we have going on.  But fall–everything pumpkin tinged and the colorful leaves and the beautiful sunsets, they all resonate within and feed my soul.   (Although my Bradford pear has yet to turn–“I hope nothing is wrong with it” says Anxiety Girl.  I know, me too.)  Last fall we took pictures in the midst of golden ginkgo leaves that had fallen.  I declare the ground looked like it was glowing with a golden light.   And with fall comes hoodies and scarves, although maybe not at the same time.  That’s a look I haven’t really tried yet.  I just love being warm and cozy and tucked away in my multi-purpose, kangaroo imitatin’ garb.

I am sure at the rate we’ve gone from shorts to hoodies and more, I will be moaning about my cold tootsies before too long.  I had to bring in the plants tonight for goodness’ sake.  They look a little forlorn sitting there just inside the door, but I will be moving them back out soon, as the high will return to 78 by Monday and 80 by the middle of the week.  Welcome to Georgia.

Until then I will celebrate our mini-fall/winter and wear a hoodie again tomorrow as we start off with the coolest morning so far.  I think I’ll fill my kangaroo pocket with all kinds of good things and our day with the things that good memories are made of.  Now if I could just get someone to invent hoodies (with the kangaroo pockets) for warm weather.  That would be awesome!

Tomorrow's hoodie.  This one The Fella brought me when he came back from his last deployment.  They had a layover in Maine, so he picked this up, because he knows I love Mooses and hoodies.
Tomorrow’s hoodie. This one The Fella brought me when he came back from his last deployment. They had a layover in Maine, so he picked this up, because he knows I love Mooses and hoodies.


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