Cold Drinks and Warm Hearts, Friends Old and New

The coolers of tea and lemonade we took to Daybreak for supper tonight.  (yes the van needs vacuuming out--thanks for noticing)
The coolers of tea and lemonade we took to Daybreak for supper tonight. (yes the van needs vacuuming out–thanks for noticing)

Tonight my heart was as full as my coolers were this afternoon.

And my spirit was a light as the puppy bouncing across our front yard this evening, frolicking with joy.

I am joyful too.

This evening we had a group come serve supper at Daybreak.  My crew and I took ten gallons of sweet tea and five of lemonade.  I could easily have served ten more of lemonade alone, and we only had a gallon or two left of sweet tea.  It was a good and busy evening.

Though I’ve been going up each week for our Sister Circle, I saw some of our friends tonight that I haven’t seen in two months.  Seeing them, the tight and tender hugs, and the stories to catch up on…..it filled my heart to bustin’.

Miss D came in, her usual spunky self.  She has taken it on herself to love me a little extra since February.  And she doesn’t take any sass either.  Just like Mama.  Robert was there, and things seem to be picking up for him.  I have always loved how he keeps up with all of us and takes the time to hear our stories as well as sharing his.  He has a new son whom he adores.  If only every Daddy’s eyes lit up like that when they talked about their children.  He teased our Princess about how she convinced her own Daddy to say yes to a puppy.  He knows how we do.  And I love him for it.  Another friend of ours was there, and when he realized we were leaving he came running over and assured me I’d see him on Tuesday.  He keeps threatening to get some blonde weave and wear heels so he can come into our Sister Circle.  I laugh every time he says that.  So does he.  Several of our friends talked about seeing Mac and told me how he’s doing.  It’s not great news, but I know he has a community of people who love him and care for him as best they can.  And I’m so thankful for that.

I’m like a football fan when Sunday Night Football returns. Or College GameDay.  I am thrilled!  Even if it was only a special occasion visit, it meant the world to me to return to some sort of routine.  It’s a comforting one and a worshipful one as well.  As strange as it may sound, it was a spiritual thing for me, washing and prepping the coolers and then preparing the drinks to take.  I’ve never made the lemonade before, but Aub did a great job in shopping for supplies and getting ice this morning. The lemonade was actually quite popular.  I think we’ve got it down if we should ever need five gallons of lemonade again. (or ten or fifteen…..)

This place, this serving, this laughter and joy and fellowship.  Someone once referred to this meal, this time together as their church.  I agree.  Especially after tonight.  The loving on old friends, showing hospitality to new friends, serving all, listening to stories shared, and sharing what we have together in fellowship–all of that is the best stuff that I can think of from church.

So tonight I had that.  We may not do a Sunday supper again for a while.  But for today I am thankful for the chance to see and hug my old friends, to get to know new folks, and for a chance to serve each person who came through that door.   That’s what we were called to do, right?  Love and serve all.  Amen.

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