A Nibble on My Finger, A Tug on My Heart

Tonight I was on litter box duty.  I was a little wary, because the last time I went to take care of it, our Princess came up and stood over me.  As she hovered there I told her I was fine, and I asked her to please give me some room.  “No Mama,” she said, “I’m worried Sugar will climb on your back.”  I laughed at the thought.  Yes, the cat does climb on my husband’s back and try to “groom” his head as he cleans the litter box, but I knew he knew better than to do that with me.  Ahem.  I was in the middle of assuring our Princess I would be fine, when Sugar did just that.  Jumped on my back.  Fortunately, our Princess was there to take him off.

So yes, a little wary.  And a lot tired.  I’ve been fighting the migraine all day, and it’s not been fun.  I squatted by the box to clean it out, and of course, Sugar came up to see what I was doing.  He is the epitome of the “curious cat.”  He came up to my hand that wasn’t scooping.  “Hey, Sugar,” I said, continuing on my task.  He rubbed his head against my hand.  I kept on scooping.  (Two cats–enough said.)  Then I felt him “bite” me, ever so gently. It was actually more of a tug with his teeth, gentle with no pressure, just a “hey, I’m here, pay attention to me.”  That made me laugh.  I stopped for a moment to focus on rubbing his little nubbin head.  Then I went back to the task at hand.  And again, a nibble.  It kind of became a game for me to see if he would do it.  And yes, each time he perceived that my attention was elsewhere, he’d “remind” me, in his own way, that he was there and wanted all of my attention.

Just as my children might/would/have acted out to get my attention.  Sigh.

It’s hard, isn’t it?  We get so busy with the “tasks at hand.”  With those things that must be checked off the list each day….that sometimes we don’t pay attention to what is right in front of us, calling out for attention.  Sometimes it takes them acting out in any number of ways to pull us away from what we are so involved in that it takes us away from them.  A vicious circle, no?

My Sugar who was just looking for a little attention.

My Sugar who was just looking for a little attention.

Tonight I put the scooper down and made time to love on this guy.  He is sweet and lovable and the baby I bottle fed as a very young and injured kitten.  He will always have a big part of my heart, and tonight when he reminded me of what is really important, he got just a little bit more of it.

I am thankful for my Sugar, whose antics are entertaining to say the least.  I give thanks that he loves me enough to want me to love on him.  And I am grateful for his game of nibble and rub and how it made me think about my day to day, moment to moment choices and how they affect those I love most.  When it comes to time spent showering love and grace and understanding (and head rubs too) on those around us, that should always top the to-do list.   (Now to focus on remembering that…..)

2 thoughts on “A Nibble on My Finger, A Tug on My Heart

    • Yeah. He is. If he’d only quit climbing in the middle of the night so that I can stop laying there figuring out if he got out again or not. But yeah. T said yesterday what if he’s meant to stay here forever. Ah, philosophy. In third grade. Sigh. Thanks for reading. ❤

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