The Paparazzi and Imperfect Moments

Tonight I’m sharing something I wrote back in 2009.  Before Daddy got sick, the crew and I used to crash Mama and Daddy’s Monday lunches at Stevi B’s on a regular basis.  After our lunch, our Princess would ask to go home with them.  Which she did just about every week, with a trip to the library and the grocery store along the way.  She loved it.   And it gave me time to run errands with just my little guy.  This was written after just such a day, very possibly the last time I set foot in a mall.

I took my little guy, Cooter, shopping with me several months ago.  As I was leaving the Galleria Mall, I had one of those postcard moments that I can recall easier than I can recall what I had for supper last night.  I was carrying a shopping bag (paper with handles–my absolute favorites!) in one hand and Cooter was on my other hip.  He was being his precious two-year-old self, and I thought–Where is the paparazzi?  I was having a feel good day, Cooter was being adorable, and I had had a successful trip.  I thought to myself, this moment is exactly like the ones you look at in magazines at the doctor’s office or on the web where the paparazzi have captured Someone on film with their child out in the Real World.  So where was the paparazzi, capturing me and My Moment?

Have you ever wished for your own paparazzi to permanently document your good days?

Have you ever wished for your own paparazzi to permanently document your good days?

Most days, though, I’m glad that they’re not around.  Like when I’m at the grocery store with a half-full cart and our Princess needs to go to the bathroom.  (Lesson learned–no more Horizon chocolate milk while we are shopping!)  Or when we are at WalMart and Aub and I get into it, and we stop in the middle of the aisle to “discuss” the situation.  Thank goodness for no paparazzi then.  But really, do the Someones not have moments like this?  Do they pay some kind of “dues” or insurance so they don’t have those kind of shots permanently archived away?  Why aren’t there shots of one of the many children of a famous couple reaching out to scratch or punch a sibling because he/she said something they didn’t like…..IN PUBLIC.  Why don’t they have pictures on file of two-year-old superstar baby pitching one more fit because Mommy said only one doll and not two?  Seriously it’s rather intimidating for the rest of us…..are we the only ones having these imperfect moments?

Then I’ll be in the store and overhear from the next aisle over a mom chastising a child or the screams of a three-year-old who wants a cookie…..and I think, oh yes.  We’re all real.  It’s the Someones who are not.

But I would still like to see an agent about that insurance…..

2 thoughts on “The Paparazzi and Imperfect Moments

  1. Yes! I had days like that. One in particular, where my child was lying on her tummy on the floor kicking her legs and screaming because she couldnt have a gumball from the machines that they evilly (is that a word) plant by the door to block your elegant exit. I walked out and waited for her just outside the door. I told her thats what I was doing and the checkout girls looked on in horror. Well, she called my bluff and kept it up so I sent her sister back for her and took her home instead of on the rest of our planned adventures of the day. She got to sit and cry in her room. And I am sure all the witnesses thought I was the most terrible mom in the world. I didn’t care. I’d already been there with #1! Loved your story!

    • I bet you’d be surprised by what folks around you thought. I’m with you. Evilly–word or not, those things and the candy bars and gum at the checkout counters are evilly placed. Thank you for reading and sharing your story. I love it.

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