The Best Kind of Words to Hear

picture by BeautifulBodyBistro
So many words all day long (design by beautifulbodybistro)

A couple of weeks ago someone from the pest control company came out to check for termites and explained how the system would change.  To Auburn, my 17 year old.  Who answered the door.  At lunch she told me that the guy said that it was a new system.

“But did he say the system was still effective?  Did they make the changes today or will they come back?”

She stared at me for a second.

“Mama, I don’t even know, okay?  They said a lot of words.  I just couldn’t even tell you.”

Yeah.  That sounds about right.

So many of our days are spent hearing words, lots of words, words we don’t choose to hear, many we don’t fully process–song lyrics, commercial dialogues, announcements over intercoms, people talking in the next cubicle, next booth, or even next door.  So many words to be heard.  But few that we really truly hear or even need to listen to.

Today I’m lucky to hear wonderful words.  My brother’s stories, his wife’s, their children’s.  And this time it’s not on the phone long distance, though those are pretty special too.  No, today I honest to goodness get to see their precious faces and their expressions as they share–the animation, the hands flying–better than TV any day! And we get to laugh until tears are running down our faces and we are leaning on each other to get our breath back–that’s my favorite.  Those kinds of words are the ones that I get to hear today.

I am so very lucky.

So I’m going to cut my words here short tonight so I can get in some good visiting time.  I wish the same for you and yours.  I think that’s one of the things I love about summer the most–the world just seems a little more relaxed.  A little more light, a little more time to sit back and share and laugh and visit.  May the words that fill your ears be those of the ones you love, and may they bring you laughter and great joy.  Yeah, that right there.  We can never have too many of those kinds of words.

3 thoughts on “The Best Kind of Words to Hear”

  1. Funny! I was just learning about communication and the different types of listening 🙂 …..AND, I need to move back to GA because things are not relaxed and peaceful around here for me 🙂 I must be in the wrong place!!!!

    1. If it will get you back here to us, YES, I will make sure things are relaxed and peaceful for you. We miss you. Sorry you aren’t getting some down time right now. And, since you’ve been studying this and you know my girl, can’t you just see her expression when I asked her the question–ummm, yeah, I don’t know, that was a LOT of words. Ha. I still laugh when I think about it. Maybe if they had texted the information to her…..

      1. Ok, I have to admit, I have used those line too when someone asks me about what someone said….I just say it was a lot of words and I don’t remember….which means, I really wasn’t interested in what they were saying, therefore, I really didn’t pay attention enough to understand what was being said 🙂 and yes, maybe if he would have used text lingo to shorten it up a bit, she may have understood better…gotta love our little Auburn!

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