A New Little One

baby hand
I have a new nephew.  He’s almost a month old now.  A precious baby boy who came and brought much joy with him.  Much needed joy.
His first full day home we went and visited him.  Mama joined us for the trip.  It was precious and sad all at the same time for her.  This sweet grandbaby, whom she cuddled and gazed upon adoredly…..the first grandchild who wouldn’t know his granddaddy.  That made us all a little teary.
He is a beautiful, healthy baby.  He is loved by his big brothers and sisters and his cousins talk about him a lot too.  He made us all smile and laugh together…..something this family needs on the path of finding our way back to a new normal.
While visiting with my sister, I had a thought that brought me comfort and peace.  I looked down at this new little face, thinking of the joy that each one of the grandchildren brought Daddy when he first saw their little faces and toes.   I turned to my little sister and said, “What if, as this little guy was heading out to join us, what if Daddy patted him on the back, gave him a hug and a handshake, and said, ‘Have a good one, son……’ ?”
Yeah.  I like that.
Welcome to the world, little one.  Have a good one.  We’re a crazy bunch, but we’ll love you no matter what story you’re carrying.

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