Taking it Back

My oldest two, my girls, were arguing and fussing back and forth in the car.
Six year old Pink Princess finally threw out to her fifteen year old sister the
ultimate barb.  I stopped it with, “Apologize to your sister and take that

Pink Princess leaned forward with her hand held out to big sis
and said, “Hey, can you take that out of your ear and put it in my hand?”  Mood
broken, anger dissipated, big sis “pulled” the hurtful words out of her ear and
placed them in the stretched out hand.  Quite seriously, the hand was pulled
back to the offender’s mouth and the words were “placed” back in her mouth.
“I’m sorry,” she said.  “I forgive you,” was the reply amidst the laughter.

A few minutes passed.  Out of the side of her mouth, Pink Princess said,


“What do I do if those words really want to come
out again and I can’t hold them in?”

This is something we all deal
with, isn’t it?  Those words either pop out and we wish we could take them back,
or we struggle with not saying something in the first place.

If only it
were as easy as retracting and stuffing those hurtful thoughts back inside.

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