September 11th


My story of where I was ten years ago is no more special or important than
anyone else’s story.  I do remember I walked into work and it was eerily quiet,
as everyone who had come in was in the trailer next door, watching the news.
Once there, I saw what was going on.  After coming out of the shock, I
remembered my brother was in New York before heading to Washington D.C.  I ran
back to my office and called my Daddy, who was and always and still is the voice
of reason.  He later shared he was more worried than he let on.  It was a while
before we heard from my brother, but he was safe, trip to D.C. cancelled.  We
were blessed that his greatest concern was how he and his group were going to
get home.  He was safe.  Praises.

I was working with Hospice then, and
I did have families scheduled to meet for the first time and others to visit.  I
did my visits, but the tragedy was all anyone could talk about.  For several
days.  One family even shared about a daughter who went to work in one of the
towers, but decided she didn’t feel good, so went home just after getting
there.  Praises.

I have no original thoughts to share on this day,
because I think others have said it best.  One group, Unvirtuous Abbey, sent out
into the social media arena:  “For
those who reach for the flag instead of the cross when they are feeling
vulnerable, Lord have mercy.”  I think for some that may have been the first
reaction, flying the colors instead of falling to our knees, bowing our heads,
or reaching out to hold a hand.  It might still be. A normal reaction I guess.

I think Alan Jackson
speaks to my heart in the midst of the heartbreak and anguish and memories of
that day…..

But I know Jesus and I talk to God
And I
remember this from when I was young
Faith, hope and love are some good things
He gave us
And the greatest is love

I give thanks for my parents
and family who first taught me about faith, hope, and love and for my friends
who continue to show me what those things really look like.

And for all
who put love above all else, I give thanks.

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