Love Amongst Puzzle Pieces

Yesterday I read this from Max Lucado:  “Everybody has a piece of the jigsaw
puzzle.  Only God sees the picture on the box.”

What an image this
creates for me.  My daughter, Mama, and my great aunt all loved puzzles. I would
watch them working diligently, turning over the pieces, organizing them by
color, so as to be prepared to piece it all together, frequently looking at
the “big picture” on the box.  Without that big picture, it made it hard to see
the value of each piece, but you definitely knew you needed every single piece
whether or not you could see where it went at the moment.  The greatest moments
were when two pieces you didn’t exactly think would fit together did, and it all
started coming together.

When I read this thought yesterday it hit
me–God has a place for each one of us, every single one of us, in the big
picture.  Each of us are equally important in the beauty of that completed

So why do we spend our precious time and energy “hatin'” on
other “puzzle pieces,” judging them, finding a reason why we shouldn’t have to
deal with their issues, think about their problems?  What if we gave each other
a chance?

We are all a part of His creation, His world, His beautiful
finished picture.  The fact is we (and I am guilty of it too) spend time
separating ourselves from the other pieces of the puzzle rather than finding
ways to join together, to share and to care for each other.  I heard my little
one recently saying about his sister, “Well, I don’t want to play with her
because we don’t have much in common.”  *sigh*  Instead of focusing on what we
don’t have in common, let’s start looking at what joins us together, brings us
closer–our hearts, our dreams, our world–and how we can fit our lives

Our lives intertwine with others, just as the linking
puzzle pieces do.  If we truly seek, I expect we can find and be amazed at the
puzzle pieces around us and at whose lives touch ours in the most wonderful and
amazing ways.  And when one comes along with a different shape that doesn’t
quite fit ours, we need to remember it takes all of the pieces to make the
beautiful completed picture that He has created.  Then we will begin to see what
the world can look like if we only give each other a chance…..

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