His Love of the…..Architecture

It went too quickly for me to get a picture before they all dug in.

It went too quickly for me to get a picture before they all dug in.

This is the peach cobbler I made today.

Just because.

I know I probably shouldn’t have.  My Mama would have gotten up extra early to bake it or not made one at all.  And to be honest, I did feel guilty using the oven in the middle of the day.  It doesn’t heat the house like the oven we had growing up, but it does warm the kitchen up a bit.

I have peaches in the freezer.  More than I should have this time of year.  It’s peach season again, and even though I don’t eat a peach fresh from the orchard before July 1 (my Daddy taught me that), I have way more bags of peaches in the freezer than I should, with just a little over a month left before I start peeling and slicing and freezing again.

So a cobbler it was.  Surprised the whole family.  The Fella who was off today, Aub who didn’t have to work until later, and the littles who spent much of their day playing outside with friends.  Miss Sophie may be the only one who noticed the smell of it baking, and well, poor thing, she was not getting any of it.

Cooter was the last one to have a helping of it.  He was out when the others had theirs this afternoon.  When he came in, I asked him if he wanted some, and he just about fell, tripping over himself to get into the kitchen.  He is my Georgia boy.  Once a few years ago, I served him the peaches from a can.  He took a bite, made a face, and asked me just what on earth THAT was.  I’ve never served them since.  He’s right.  There’s just no comparing those with the fresh.

Cooter started drooling immediately.  His line of sight was where he could just barely see the cobbler in the dish, cooling on the stovetop.  “Oh Mama, is this as good as the cobbler at Side Tracks?”

Ah.  The buffet I took him to after signing the papers to let go of my Great Aunt’s house.  The one where, when my little guy saw all the desserts at the end of the line of “real food” which had disappointed him so, he turned to me with the biggest eyes ever and said, “What’s thaaaat?”

Look at that grin.  Is it any wonder I have a hard time saying NO? A boy and his peach cobbler.....

Look at that grin. Is it any wonder I have a hard time saying NO? A boy and his peach cobbler…..

I let him pick out his own chocolate cake and later got him a small taste of the banana pudding (made from scratch with meringue–oh my stars) and the peach cobbler.  His praise for their peach cobbler was, “Mama, this is almost as good as yours.”

Bless him.

As he oohed and ahhed over his peach cobbler today, he talked about how much he wants to go back to Side Tracks for *ahem* lunch.  (Yeah, that’s what you want to eat there, buddy.)

Then out of the blue, as he all but licked his bowl clean, he said, “The food there is so awesome.  Well, that and the architecture. I’d like to see that again too.”

Wait.  What?!

He’s something, that one.  He makes me laugh everyday, and I am often amazed at the words and thoughts that come from his seven-year old mind.  But architecture?  Okay, yeah.  I see what you’re doing, bud.  Trying to go for the education angle as well.

My child knows how to get to me.

And he knows what he wants in life–he doesn’t mind telling you either.  When we were walking into the attorney’s office two weeks ago, I took his hand, told him I might cry a bit, and asked if he would be okay holding my hand.  He looked up at me and said, “Mama, I’m just here to go out for lunch.  That’s it.”  I should have known why he’d chosen to come with me instead of staying home with his sisters when, as we drove through Hawkinsville on our way there, he started scoping out lunch places.  “I don’t see a Krystal’s though.”  Y’all know that’s his yardstick by which all others are measured, right?

Tonight I’m thankful for the joy of surprising my family and for the abundance of peaches in my freezer.  I give thanks for many happy memories of sitting around the table with my Mama, Daddy, and siblings putting peaches up every summer.  It’s what our people do.  And I’m thankful for a funny little fella who loves his Mama’s cooking and loves the desserts at a buffet even more.  And will try every way he can think of to convince his Mama to go back.

Love and wishes for an unexpected sweet surprise to all.

Feeling Sanctimonious Around Here

So after waking up in the wee hours of the morning to hear the cats frolicking outside as they do, I fell back asleep.  I knew things were headed south with the condition of my nose and the passages therein.  I woke up enough to tell my oldest goodbye as she headed off to work.  Then I dozed.  And finally woke up to the stirrings and requests for breakfast of my littles.  I looked the clock.


Say what?

I could not believe my eyes, but yes, that was the correct time, even after rubbing them and putting on my glasses (after working to find them–that whole “I need my glasses to see where I put my glasses”–ahem).

I felt pretty awful.

At least a tad bad.

But the laundry was piling up and the sink was too, so I unloaded and loaded and washed and folded and then pretty much crashed around lunchtime.  The symptoms I had figured were allergies for others in my house?  Pretty much thinking I misdiagnosed, and this bad boy is a COLD.

How did that even happen?  I’ve been eating fresh vegetable soup all week.


Anyway, I did lay down to rest this afternoon, hoping to give the old immune system a boost.  It didn’t last long.  My mind was on my freezer.  And peaches.

My favorite variety of peaches are ready.  Now.  For a limited time.  I’ve been known to go down to the farm and get five boxes of peaches and put them up in the freezer over the next few days.  We canNOT be without peaches during the winter.  It made me laugh one day last winter when I served the canned peaches I got on sale (I know, *gasp*) and my little guy who is a peach fanatic, asked, with a sour look on his face, “WHAT are these?”  Yeah, I don’t do that anymore.  Lesson learned.  And I have to say that I am proud that he’s a little peach connoisseur, my little Georgia boy.

So it’s time to go and get my peaches and put them up.  But my freezer.  It’s not so good.  It has needed defrosting for oh, let’s say, about a YEAR.  The ice takes up more space than the food, and the food in there was starting to be frozen together.  This does not work so well.

So today, I felt awful, but I couldn’t rest knowing time is of the essence, so I got my act together, enlisted the help of my Zoo Crew, and we moved food into the small freezer and cooler and went to town trying to get it to defrost as quickly as possible.  So yeah, this happened today.

Feeling pretty good over this much needed job finally being done!

Feeling pretty good over this much needed job finally being done!

And then this.

Only thing left is to move the other things back from the little freezer tomorrow.  Whoo hoo!

Only thing left is to move the other things back from the little freezer tomorrow. Whoo hoo!

Despite feeling yucky, I got it done with the help of my crew.  The wet towels are already headed toward the dryer, and it all only took one phone call to my Aunt to check that I was following the proper procedure.  I’m calling it a win.

Mama had a saying when she got the dusting done (which she despised) or did something she’d been putting off for a while–she’d say she was feeling “sanctimonious.”  I think it got started when Mama called to tell my Great Aunt about her accomplishment one time,  my Aunt W replied, “Aren’t you feeling sanctimonious?”  The first thing I used to do after I mopped my floors or finished all the laundry AND put it away or finished putting up the five boxes of peaches I’d inflicted on my kitchen was to call Mama and tell her.  She was more than Mama, she was my best friend and I wanted to share.  And I knew the first thing she’d say would be just that: “Well aren’t you feeling sanctimonious?”  Yes ma’am.  For sure.

Tonight I was blessed to have my Aunt listen, answer my “technical” question about what I was doing, and say, when I suggested (ahem) I might be feeling sanctimonious, “Well I guess you should be.”  She and Mama shared that too.

Because there’s some things in life you should feel that way about…..like defrosting freezers when you just want to crawl back in bed (or just defrosting them at all–seriously), putting streusel in a pound cake (Imma need that recipe please ma’am), or dusting an entire house when it’s your least favorite task of all.  When we set our minds to something and get it done, isn’t it nice to have someone to share it with,  to pat us on the back, and to cheer us on?

Tonight I’m thankful for a clean freezer with food in it, and the anticipation of putting more in it (whoo hoo, Elberta peaches).  I am grateful for my children to pitch in, the many hands that make a task a little easier.  And I’m thankful for Mama who cheered me on, and for those, who like my Aunt, continue to do so.  Lifting each other up–that’s the good stuff in life.  Just like fresh Georgia peaches, there’s nothing else like it.