Everything is Awesome…..

We’ve been to see the Lego Movie.

And loved it.

And at least once a day, at home or out in PUBLIC, my littles can be heard singing {loudly} the “Everything is Awesome” song from the movie.

It’s been delightful.  Really.


(And for those of you who have heard it before and now cannot get it out of your head–sorry.  It plays in mine pretty much non-stop these days.)

Cooter and Princess enjoy batting lines from the movie back and forth.  They talk about the different Lego sets that are available in stores from the movie and which ones they are hoping for first.  (Ahhh, Lego, I see what you did there.  Well played, well played.)

Cooter loves his new Lego Movie shirt

Cooter loves his new Lego Movie shirt

Today Cooter woke up and put on his new shirt that he got for his birthday featuring the Lego movie characters.  He loves it.  He had not quite finished dressing, shall we say, when he came into the living room with the rest of us.

“Hey, Mama, can I be the ‘Where’s my Pants?” guy from the movie for Halloween?”  And then he laughed and laughed until he could barely catch his breath.


Ummmm, that would be a negative there, good buddy.  Shirts and pants required for costumes at all times by this Mama.  Shirts and underwear only are not acceptable.

*shaking my head* (while doing a poor job of holding back the laughter)

Tonight I’m thankful for my children who bring me joy.  This little guy who keeps me laughing.   The one who isn’t here who shares her joys, worries, and Harry Potter quotes with me–through e-mails, text messages, Facebook, and phone calls.  I’ll take it any way I can get it.  And the one who brings me dandelion flowers she’s picked and camellias that have fallen to the ground.  Accompanied by the biggest smile a Mama could ask for.

My dandelion and camellia brought in from the yard by my Princess

My dandelion and camellia brought in from the yard by my Princess

“Everything is awesome
Everything is cool when you’re part of a team
Everything is awesome, when we’re living our dream”

                                                                –“Everything Is Awesome,” written by Shawn Patterson, Joshua Bartholomew and Lisa Harriton

Giving thanks for the giggles and the love and for all of my team–love my Zoo Crew.  They’re all pretty amazing, and yes y’all, they’re awesome.  (Well, most of the time anyway.)

Love to all.

Why I’m Lord Business and Other Lessons from The Lego Movie

The rule in our family is we celebrate birthdays for more than just the one day.  So Happy Birthday Weekend to my baby boy!

Today we went to Lego Building School with Bricks 4 Kidz.  After we went to lunch at his favorite pizza place.  He loves him some pizza, and we ALWAYS get our money’s worth with him.  The last of the fun planned was going to the movie theatre to see “The Lego Movie.”

But you probably saw that one coming, didn’t you?

I don’t want to spoil it for anyone in case you haven’t been able to rush out and see it in the two days it’s been released.  I think Cooter is fairly certain that this movie was released at this time JUST FOR HIM.  Well, why not?  I’m not telling him otherwise.

It was an interesting movie.  If your life has been inundated by Legos, Lego movies on-line, dreaming about Lego sets, and constantly hearing the newest set to make the wish list, then you will definitely get the little hidden bits of humor.  When one of the characters was looking around the area trying to build something, and she kept seeing set numbers next to different parts, that was hilarious.  Lego Star Wars made an appearance which thrilled all three of my children, and Billy Dee Williams played Lando, which I thought was really cool.

It was a little disconcerting during the violent parts, when I thought about how I would NOT be letting my littles watch such violence were it not just Lego parts flying around in the aftermath of one of the many attacks that were waged on the main characters.

The ending has a twist that surprised me, and without revealing too much, I felt very guilty over my claim that if I EVER lost my mind and bought Cooter one of the big (read expensive and MANY parts) Legos Star Wars sets, I would be supergluing it to keep him from tearing it apart.  I mean, all that time and energy–woe be the child who takes it apart, right?  Wrong, apparently.  Yes, I did feel guilty, like someone had been watching and listening to my thoughts on the subject.  I am Lord Business, and I don’t even have to take one of those “What character are you in The Lego Movie?” quizzes to see it.

The best part was a very small side story.  One of the main characters was a Legos 80’s astronaut named Benny.  A little scuffed but very enthusiastic guy.  Whenever the good guys needed something to get away in, he started building a spaceship.  Of course.  It’s just that the heroes were always looking for something else.  Benny would be so dejected.  Until the time finally comes.  He offers half-heartedly to build a spaceship, and after a moment of quiet, they all give him a definite YES!  He can hardly believe it, and he immediately gets to work.  In the span of ten seconds it’s built and they are soaring away to safety, with Benny calling out as incessantly as the seagulls in “Finding Nemo” (“mine” “mine” “mine”):  “Spaceship.”  “Spaceship.”  “Spaceship.”  “Spaceship.”  He is so excited it’s downright endearing.  We were all laughing gleefully with him.

Haven’t you ever had a moment like that?  When you’ve found something that you were good at, and you finally have your shot, and you do a great job with it?  Don’t you want to just shout it loudly and often what you have done?  Yeah, I have.  There’s nothing like that feeling, is there?

One other moment in the movie touched my heart and empowered me.  Poor UniKitty.  She was all about being positive and chipper and not letting all that was going on wrong around her bring her down.  She was the Pollyanna of the group.  I mean, she holds it together, stuffing all those emotions down inside, through some pretty harsh stuff.  (Good thing it was all Legos, because it got pretty intense.)  And finally, she is giving herself a pep talk at a point when all seems to be falling apart, and something clicks.  Gone are the rainbows and sparkles–it is time for “fight back with all you got and stand up for yourself and your friends” kickin’ attitude.  I cheered inside and clapped.  Good for her.  There comes a time, you know, even with the nicest of folks–a time to say, no more.  Enough.  I was glad to see her go there, to stand strong in the face of adversity.

Tonight I am thankful for the gift of spending time with family and enjoying special outings for a very special occasion.  Good stuff that.  I’m thankful for the privilege of going to the movies, and for entertainment that is creative and thought-provoking.  Most of all, I appreciate the good company we had today.  There is nothing like a good old family happening to celebrate the good things in life.

Love to all.