His Love of the…..Architecture

It went too quickly for me to get a picture before they all dug in.

It went too quickly for me to get a picture before they all dug in.

This is the peach cobbler I made today.

Just because.

I know I probably shouldn’t have.  My Mama would have gotten up extra early to bake it or not made one at all.  And to be honest, I did feel guilty using the oven in the middle of the day.  It doesn’t heat the house like the oven we had growing up, but it does warm the kitchen up a bit.

I have peaches in the freezer.  More than I should have this time of year.  It’s peach season again, and even though I don’t eat a peach fresh from the orchard before July 1 (my Daddy taught me that), I have way more bags of peaches in the freezer than I should, with just a little over a month left before I start peeling and slicing and freezing again.

So a cobbler it was.  Surprised the whole family.  The Fella who was off today, Aub who didn’t have to work until later, and the littles who spent much of their day playing outside with friends.  Miss Sophie may be the only one who noticed the smell of it baking, and well, poor thing, she was not getting any of it.

Cooter was the last one to have a helping of it.  He was out when the others had theirs this afternoon.  When he came in, I asked him if he wanted some, and he just about fell, tripping over himself to get into the kitchen.  He is my Georgia boy.  Once a few years ago, I served him the peaches from a can.  He took a bite, made a face, and asked me just what on earth THAT was.  I’ve never served them since.  He’s right.  There’s just no comparing those with the fresh.

Cooter started drooling immediately.  His line of sight was where he could just barely see the cobbler in the dish, cooling on the stovetop.  “Oh Mama, is this as good as the cobbler at Side Tracks?”

Ah.  The buffet I took him to after signing the papers to let go of my Great Aunt’s house.  The one where, when my little guy saw all the desserts at the end of the line of “real food” which had disappointed him so, he turned to me with the biggest eyes ever and said, “What’s thaaaat?”

Look at that grin.  Is it any wonder I have a hard time saying NO? A boy and his peach cobbler.....

Look at that grin. Is it any wonder I have a hard time saying NO? A boy and his peach cobbler…..

I let him pick out his own chocolate cake and later got him a small taste of the banana pudding (made from scratch with meringue–oh my stars) and the peach cobbler.  His praise for their peach cobbler was, “Mama, this is almost as good as yours.”

Bless him.

As he oohed and ahhed over his peach cobbler today, he talked about how much he wants to go back to Side Tracks for *ahem* lunch.  (Yeah, that’s what you want to eat there, buddy.)

Then out of the blue, as he all but licked his bowl clean, he said, “The food there is so awesome.  Well, that and the architecture. I’d like to see that again too.”

Wait.  What?!

He’s something, that one.  He makes me laugh everyday, and I am often amazed at the words and thoughts that come from his seven-year old mind.  But architecture?  Okay, yeah.  I see what you’re doing, bud.  Trying to go for the education angle as well.

My child knows how to get to me.

And he knows what he wants in life–he doesn’t mind telling you either.  When we were walking into the attorney’s office two weeks ago, I took his hand, told him I might cry a bit, and asked if he would be okay holding my hand.  He looked up at me and said, “Mama, I’m just here to go out for lunch.  That’s it.”  I should have known why he’d chosen to come with me instead of staying home with his sisters when, as we drove through Hawkinsville on our way there, he started scoping out lunch places.  “I don’t see a Krystal’s though.”  Y’all know that’s his yardstick by which all others are measured, right?

Tonight I’m thankful for the joy of surprising my family and for the abundance of peaches in my freezer.  I give thanks for many happy memories of sitting around the table with my Mama, Daddy, and siblings putting peaches up every summer.  It’s what our people do.  And I’m thankful for a funny little fella who loves his Mama’s cooking and loves the desserts at a buffet even more.  And will try every way he can think of to convince his Mama to go back.

Love and wishes for an unexpected sweet surprise to all.

What the Gnats Are Really For

When I was on my evening walk, possibly exercising my arms and lungs more than any other body part–as I waved and blew at gnats–I realized I couldn’t open my mouth without risk of swallowing those ever-present insects.

It was when I looked around, mouth shut tight, that it occurred to me.


If only for a moment or two.   And what I saw was glorious.  Spring has sprung, and summer isn’t far behind.

And it sure beats a postprandial snack of gnats.


Love and wishes for a nice evening walk to all.


A Night to Celebrate!

Original Artwork by my young'un

Original Artwork by my young’un

Tonight this is how I feel!

Today the weather has been beautiful.  Here it is the first day of summer and I must say, June, you are behaving yourself just fine.  The breeze, the sun, the clouds, the less than normal temperature.  GORGEOUS.  Today I was treated to some unexpected visits with people I love–the crew and I made an impromptu visit to my Aunt’s, where, in the shade of the pecan trees, the littles played on the swings and Aub, Aunt, and I laughed and talked about a little bit of this and a whole lot of that.  As the breeze drifted through the leaves I watched the pattern of the sunlight filtering through the trees change and move.  Ahh, said my soul, I’ll take a double helping of this today.  And everyday.  Please.

I also ran into my sister at the doctor’s office complex where we were all well but just taking care of prevention business with different doctors.  She is a beautiful sight to see and her smile brightened my day.  Our time together doesn’t come often enough, so this was a real gift–the hug I had needed but not expected.  Later this evening I had a visit full of laughs when I ran into some of my favorite folks at my favorite coffeehouse.  I am so thankful that all of these people were interruptible and had time for visiting, laughing, and hugs.

Add into the equation our planned visit with some dear friends who are moving soon.  We celebrated with a trip to the pizza place.  Yes, that one.  But both dads were in charge of the Game Room tonight, so one more reason to be happy.  After we all got home the party continued as the children played between our yard and theirs, and my neighbor friend and I played “who’s older and had it harder growing up” game.  Ha.  His wife said we both sounded like a couple of old people.  Ahem.  Well, if the shoe fits…..

So yes, a good, good day.

But there’s more.


Yessiree, I am beyond happy happy happy.  When I started back writing again in April, I set a goal to write something each day.   I  guess I didn’t think I would really do it, because I couldn’t believe it last night when the site said 99 posts published. Wow.  I am doing this.  I have surprised myself.  It’s not just a dream anymore, I am writing.  Whoo hoo!  My soul is soaring, and I am overjoyed.

So tonight is about laughter and stories and you.  If it weren’t for you, would I still write?  I hope so.  But the encouragement you give me, the times you comment on what resonates with you and what doesn’t, that makes a world of difference.  The times I see you out and about, and you say “Hey Girl” or “That thing last night?  I heard that!”–those times give me the motivation to continue on.  And for the special ones who say they usually start their mornings with their cup of coffee or tea and this blog–well, I am humbled and I thank you.  When I’ve thought, well, missing just this once won’t matter, I thought of you and I got it written and I was glad I did.  Thank you for the support and motivation.  Love you. You know who you are.

Thank you also for sharing your stories with me.  I love that you do that.  My Daddy could tell great stories, but I remember so many sunny summer afternoons, sitting on my Granny’s couch listening to Granny tell Daddy stories.  Daddy knew how to listen too, and I’m working on being as good as he was.  Mama was also a good listener.  Family lore has it a wrong number called in the middle of the night, said she was sorry, hung up, and then called back to tell Mama her life story.  For over an hour.  And Mama listened.  So please, I love hearing your stories.  Your dreams.  Your joys and your sorrows.  Thank you for sharing them.  I look forward to hearing more.

Before I close tonight, in honor of 100 posts, I thought I’d share with you a few miscellaneous things just for fun.

Facts about me:

I’m the oldest of four–three girls and a boy.  Daddy told me I was named after my Aunt, the baby sister whom he and my Uncle called The Little Terror.  They both thought Tara (a twist on the pronunciation) would be a nice name and agreed the first one to have a girl would name her that.  My cousin was a boy, so here I am.  I don’t know how true this story is, but I like it, and I like it just fine that I’m named after someone so special.

Peaches paid my way through college and during a small portion of my life put food on the table and a roof over my head.  So I’m kind of a peach snob.  Most folks choose to forgive me for that and move on.  I don’t get peaches until after the fourth of July and I prefer to get the ones picked straight from the orchard.  It just is what it is.

I’m backroads and homegrown and a homebody.  I’d rather bake than cook.  I love old things and I have an obsession with blankets, bags, and sweaters.  Mostly either handmade or from the GW Boutique.  I think I may have warmth issues. (I’ve been known to “rescue” handmade blankets from the GW.)  I learned to crochet from my third grade teacher on the playground at recess, and I learned to knit over a year ago from my friend Casey.  I think crocheting is much easier than knitting, and my cousin, who is truly a talented artisan, thinks knitting is easier.  Whatever.  I love her anyway.

The first thing I read in complete sentences was a note my Mama wrote me on pink paper that said, “IF YOU CAN READ THIS, YOU MAY HAVE A GLASS OF COKE.”  That was no joke.  You didn’t get Coca-Cola very often in my house.  I’ve been reading ever since.  And I’d rather have a book in my hand than on the Kindle, but I’ve read both and been quite happy doing so.

I’ve been to the movies by myself.  It was empowering, and no, I won’t tell you if I ate all the popcorn all by myself.

I love my family, the ones I live with and the ones I don’t.  One of my favorite places on earth is Blackberry Flats, where I grew up.  I love laughing and country music. I grew up on Elvis and the Beatles and John Denver.  We called Willie Nelson “Uncle Willie,” so I thought we might be related.  I also like pop music.  And I think Taylor Swift is pretty much a philosopher–“You don’t know what you don’t know.”  Come on, that’s brilliant truth right there.

I thought about closing out with a video of the song “Celebration” because that’s what I’m doing tonight all by my big girl self, sitting here at the counter with the laptop.  But that would be predictable, wouldn’t it?  And I try never to be predictable if I can help it.  Life’s so much more fun that way.  So I thought I’d close with a video that makes me happy every time I see it.  (Thanks to my brother for this one.) And later tonight or tomorrow?  When you can’t get the song out of your head?  Well, you are very welcome.

You’ve got to keep on keepin’ on…..

Thank you all for coming along on this journey with me!  I can’t wait to see where the next 100 posts will take us.  Love to all.