Go Grow in a Brick

The weather here–rainy.  Rainy and cold.  Has been for a couple of days and tomorrow won’t be much different.

The folks north of us are preparing for snow.  In Georgia, that’s a pretty serious thing.

So many of my friends all over have been dealing with multiple snow days and hazardous weather conditions.  As a matter of fact, I think my friend in Oregon might be the only one I’ve seen mention how nice the weather is.

And that has me scratching my head.

This morning in the drizzle, Miss Sophie and I ventured out for her morning constitutional.  My fingers were crossed inside my jacket pocket that she would be quick, and we could get back in before we were soaked.

I stood and she sniffed.

And that’s when I saw these little precious ones.

First I noticed this one in the bricks on the backside of our mailbox.....

First I noticed this one in the bricks on the backside of our mailbox…..

and then this wee one.....

and then this wee one…..

Well I’ll be.

And it hit me this morning that this was a message I needed, and you might too.

Do you know what it takes to grow a plant?

I’m going back to my early elementary years, but I’m pretty sure it’s soil, water, and sunlight.

These little guys are lacking two out of those three things.  Sure, there’s been plenty of water, but little sunlight and NO soil.

Well I’ll be.

See, there are folks who would shake their heads and tell me that no, that plant can’t grow there.  These would be the same folks who would tell us that it goes against reason that a bumblebee or a hummingbird can stay in the air.

And yet…..

just like these little flowers (I just know there will be flowers), they can.  And they do.

Every.  Single.  Day.

So today or tomorrow or whenever the next time is that someone tells you that you can’t do something–and you know there will be someone who will, there always is–think about these little plants.

The bright spot in my day. And in my heart.

I can.  I’m not going to let anyone tell me I can’t.

Besides, my Papa killed can’t all those many years ago.

And it’s a good thing he did, because the only time we should be saying “I can’t” is when it comes to something we shouldn’t.  Never doubt you are capable of making something happen.  Set your heart and mind to it, and go for it.  Go grow in a brick.

It’s possible, you know.

Don’t let those naysayers nay you.

Go be you, and know you can.

Love to all.



The Little Scarf-Maker Who Could

A while back my cousin sent me a link to a news story about a person in Canada who was scarf-bombing in his or her community–leaving knitted scarves strewn all over with notes attached:  “I am not lost! If you are stuck out in the cold, take this scarf to keep warm.”

What a beautiful thing.  Right?  Sharing light and love and warmth.  It made me wish I was a faster knitter.  What fun that would be to create and then go scarf-bombing!  But I’m not, so…..

A friend and sister from Wesleyan saw the same story.  She lives in Florida.  She also thought it was a great thing.  I’m not sure whether she knits or not, but she didn’t let anything discourage her from trying to make a difference.

At a table in the middle of her living room, she started making scarves out of fleece.  She also set up a campaign for funding on-line and set her goal of 100 scarves.  The campaign goal was $355.  She wrote that any funds raised over that would go towards making even more scarves.

And then an amazing thing happened.  Her total amount raised was $1026 with 48 supporters for a total of over four hundred scarves!  Forty-eight people who were also able to be a part of this loving and fun mission.  And then there were more.  As this giving artist discovered, people were getting excited.  I saw her post on Facebook several times where she would be bombing, and others were jumping in to join her.

Share the joy.

And she did.

The arctic blast that hit all over did not leave Florida out.  During that time, my friend was busy cutting and creating colorful and warm scarves.  She and friends put them out all over, focusing especially on the areas where they knew people with no homes tended to gather.

The little engine that could.

I mean scarf-maker.


She read an article and didn’t say, Oh isn’t that nice…..if only I could knit…..or crochet…..or If only I had time…..

and then move on.

She saw an idea, liked it, and recognized a need in her own area.  Then she figured out what she could do, with her gifts and talents, to make it happen.

And she did.

Because of my friend the scarf-maker, there have been scarf-bombings in Georgia, Colorado, Michigan, and Arizona.  For starters. The ripple effect of this one person in Canada is spreading far and wide.  All because of people who “could.”

Her story has stayed with me.  It’s a lesson in not letting our “cant’s” or lack of resources stop us.  It’s walking right up to that voice that is saying, “Well, sure, but you really don’t have what it takes” and saying right back in no uncertain terms–“YES.  I.  CAN.”

And I’m betting there are a lot of warm necks and bodies and souls who are glad she did.

Sweet dreams.  May we all dream of what we can do…..if only we try.

And then tomorrow, let’s wake up and DO IT.

The news story about my fellow Wesleyanne’s mission is here.

Be sure to read her story in her own words here.  Great story and awesome pictures!