Mama Said

there’d be days like this.  There’d be days like this, my Mama said.  (Thank you, Shirelles and others.)

Days where there are way more questions than answers.

And those questions lead to more questions.

But wait!  That’s not all…..

sit and think about this particular something, and then there are all the questions cropping up from a totally different situation in addition to what is already churning through your mind.

And it just goes downhill from there.

Today hasn’t been an awful one, not by any means.  Days that bring beautiful people across my path and ones that have me savoring the leftover memories from past days…..those can be actually quite lovely.

But the unexpected things that can crop up…..and expected, dreaded ones as well.  Those are what can turn one’s sanity all topsy turvy and toss it around like a tennis ball in the dryer.

All over the place.

It in the midst of those that I feel the most lost.  I’m the one some folks are looking to for guidance now, bless ’em.  Like my 11 year old who came in with so much anxiety, I suspect it could have been a panic attack.

It is enough to fling me straight into one right along with her.

I don’t know exactly when the shift happened.  Maybe it was when my parents were no longer here or years before when I became a parent for the first time myself.  All I know is, it can get really awkward when folks are looking to me, and I turn around looking for the one who really knows what is going on.

I don’t have the answers to all the questions.  I don’t even have any good advice to offer on the days when all the questions keep roaring through, refusing to allow for rest or peace or comfort.  All I know is, some days it’s okay to simply survive.  It’s okay to make do, to do what it takes to get by, and to take the grace offered in sleep and waking up to a new day.

I guess that’s why I’ve clicked like on every single one of the memes that proclaim that resurrection can be an everyday experience.  Yes.  That.  I need to believe in that.  That each and every day, hour if need be, we can rise from the death and doubt and find new life.

Every single time.

Some days are just like that.  And those are the ones when resurrection matters the most.

The courage, the love, the faith, the determination, and the good people around us–and we rise up and try again.  One more time.

Love to all.


via  Go check them out.  They are doing amazing things and showing the beauty that can come from practicing resurrection.  



For Those Who Can’t Yet See the Sunday

The phrase “It’s Friday, but Sunday’s coming!” is triumphantly taking over the social media I see.

That is wonderful.  Powerful.  Empowering.

But really, really hard for some.

In We Make the Road By Walking by Brian McLaren, he writes from the point of view of the ones who felt lost on that Saturday. The ones who had traveled with and learned from the One who had perished on the cross.  The ones who had loved him so.

“Perhaps our descendants, the disciples of the future, will call this a day of waiting.  But we are not waiting.  For us, there is nothing to wait for.  All we know is what was lost yesterday as Jesus died on the cross.  For us, it’s all over.  This is a day of doubt, despair, disillusionment, devastation.”  –p. 162, Brian McLaren We Make the Road By Walking

Bless them.

And us.

For there still walk among us those for whom there is no waiting.  The ones who can’t see a Sunday in their sights.  Those who are in despair and disillusioned and no amount of talking about the light that is coming will change that.  The ones who are still lost and reeling from the shock of their devastation.

As we awaken and proclaim life and resurrection and joy on this Sunday, let us remember those for whom this day does not reveal an empty tomb–those for whom there is still the darkness and the torn and brokenness.  Those for whom healing seems an impossible dream.

And as we remember them, let us love them.

It is my hope that in that loving them, something will be resurrected in their hearts, and they will find the strength to go on another day.

Best wishes for light and love to all.


We Make the Road by Walking by Brian D. McLaren can be purchased at your favorite bookstore or by clicking the link here.  I haven’t read the whole book, but I have found it a thought-provoking and yet easy read so far.