Light and Warmth Everlasting

There is something sacred about sitting around a fire and listening to stories when the weather is cold and the season is dark.

I think we tell ourselves we sit there for the warmth that the fire gives.

But I also think that while the warmth might begin as a spark from the fire that rises toward the sky, it’s only the beginning.  That spark lights a flame in the hearts of those gathered round that is fed by the laughter and love and shared joy in the moment.

It is then that we are loathe to leave, telling ourselves that when we move away from the fireside, we will feel the chill in the air, and the warmth will be gone, and we will be cold and all will be dark again.

Turns out that isn’t true.

Giving thanks for the warmth that is long-lasting, the kind that comes from good friends, good conversations, lots of laughter, and light and love.

Hang in there.  Though the dark seems long-lasting, the Light is coming.

Love to all.





So something pretty amazing happened in the middle of a day that followed a night of feeling drained and a bit lost and discombobulated and sad and all the things that go with the word forlorn.


I got off the interstate and was driving down Vineville towards my appointment, and there right in front of me was this.


Just when you think you threw it out with all of the hard and broken stuff that you didn’t want to hold on to anymore because it hurts too bad…..

it shows up.

Just when you least expect it to.

And just when you need it the most.

It was after my appointment that I stopped and pulled in so I could take a picture of this sign that was hanging there just for me.  (Well, okay, maybe not, but it certainly was a timely coincidence.)

The parking lot was completely empty as I circled behind the church building so I could turn around.  And because I paused for hope, I found all kinds of little treasures back there.




Tonight I’m thankful for the way I’m looked after and given more grace than I could possibly ever deserve.  By the One who created me and the ones who love me.  I give thanks for quiet moments of finding little treasures that I might not have noticed on a day that the parking lot was full.

Sometimes it is good to have some down time and open ourselves to what is right in front of our eyes.  To see and breathe and imagine and find something we thought was lost.


Love to all.

Welcomed Home

This afternoon, as I was running short on time and ideas of what to start for our supper as we would be later coming in tonight, I was gifted by the pantry fairies and found beans and tomatoes enough for a pot of chili.

The clean dishes fairy was looking after me too, and the crockpot was all ready to go.

The weather fairies even cooperated, and the weather was chili appropriate tonight.

So it was, we had chili for supper.  Everyone seemed to be happy about that.

Well, except for Cooter.

He’s pretty much a fan of the beige food group and little else.  Pizza, chicken, macaroni and cheese, rice, applesauce…..little outside that group suits him.

When someone brought up that maybe he shouldn’t be so picky, he stated quite emphatically, “I’m not a picky eater.  I am just not as adventurous an eater as most.”

Sigh.  The struggle is real.

Tonight I’m thankful for a pot of chili all ready and waiting on a cool night with the stars hanging bright in the dark sky. I am grateful for the enticing aroma that welcomed us home, and I am most thankful that all of my people were here at home to enjoy it.  Well, okay, that they were all home.

May you all have something wonderful welcoming you home on a cold winter evening.

Love to all.


What was left after we all (well, except for Cooter) had some chili tonight.  Just enough for a bowl or two tomorrow.  Leftovers–my favorite!


Today our family joined a dear friend who has a photography business and had her take our family pictures.  In the past week, this talented young woman and I have tossed around ideas about where would be best to take them. I was thinking I would love for us to go to Wesleyan, because there are so many beautiful places on the campus for pictures.  As we talked, she mentioned a place new to me, Amerson Water Works Park, where she has had shoots on more than one occasion.  She described it, saying there were many different beautiful spots there good for taking pictures.  I decided to try something new.  Nothing could have prepared me for the beauty I saw today.  The wooded areas, the trees, the pathways, the trails, and then there was this.


In the words of my little friend from so many years ago, “Good job, God!”

And I felt peace within my soul.

Funny how that can happen when I step outside my comfort zone and try something new…..

May peace be with you.

Love to all.