The Mushrooms Said “I love you”

Today after we wrapped up our morning lessons, the littles flew up the stairs and into their rooms and all around the house in a flurry of activity.  At some point (I’m not sure when) they had consulted and decided what they wanted to do together after they were done with school.

And it wasn’t begging to play on electronics or watch a video.  That was a wise decision today.

Princess came out in my eighth grade graduation dress that my Mama made special for the occasion.  Yes, she’s three years younger than I was at the time, and yes, she is as tall or taller than I was at thirteen.  Thank you for asking.  Cooter came out wearing his repurposed and embroidered Chef shirt I made over for him from a GW Boutique purchase Christmas 2012.

They explained to me that they were opening a restaurant, and that I was to come place my order.  This was timely as it was lunch time and I needed to throw something together for their lunch, but their minds were set.  Their restaurant, my order.

Princess had set up a wooden TV tray table at the foot of the stairs complete with a menu and prices (so convenient–don’t you hate it when they don’t have the prices–that never turns out well).  She was a lovely hostess, and as I placed my order for pizza and sushi (hey, I was hungry), she wrote it all down.  She told me it would be ready soon, and I was dismissed.

I heard some hollering back and forth–it was hard to decide if this was fine dining or a diner–and some skerfuffling and a few minutes later, Princess called out that my order was ready.  I was a little taken aback, if I’m being honest here, because I thought she had told me my food would be brought to my “table.”  I expressed my concerns, and the lovely hostess apologized and said it would be brought right out.

I was sitting in my comfortable spot, when Chef Cooter brought out my tray himself.  What a good chef!  He wanted to see the joy on my face himself, I guess, which I thought was sweet until I saw the twinkle in his eyes.



Ah yes.  The pizza.  He had put mushrooms as the topping.  Just for me.  And I realized this, just as he was about to force feed me a “bite” of the pizza, giggling harder and harder as he approached my mouth with it.

Because mushrooms.  Just no.

As I’ve shared before, I did not care for them growing up.  Acting ugly about them or turning my nose up at them was not tolerated.  I was expected to eat them just like everyone else.  Until I was grown.  And then Mama wanted my picked off/picked out mushrooms.  She loved them, you see.  We were a perfect match when it came to eating a veggie pizza.

And Cooter knows all of this.  And he deliberately put the mushrooms on that pizza for me today.


And yet–

I felt loved.  So very loved.

That sounds crazy and counterintuitive, I know.  And I’ve thought about how to write about this so it made sense for hours now, and yet I still don’t know how to do it justice.

But when he teased me like that, with that giggle and twinkle in his eye–I knew three things.

He knows me very well.

He loves me so much to tease me and make me laugh like that.

He is so comfortable with me that he knows I will laugh at this thing he did and not take offense.  And he really wanted me to laugh.

As I pushed the pizza away with all the drama and disgust I could muster, we were all three laughing and Miss Sophie was dancing around, wondering what all the excitement was about.

Mushrooms, Sophie.  And so much more.

Tonight I’m thankful for the love and laughter.  For being known.  For parents who loved me and for the children who continue to make me smile and laugh and give me a reason to look forward to another day.  For their fun and creative spirits and joy-filled hearts, I am grateful.  And most of all, for twinkles in eyes and that the teasing that came with living with my Daddy is carried on, I give thanks.

May you all have someone who teases you with a twinkle in the eye and who makes you laugh and laugh.

Love and laughter to all.



Fungus Among Us…..and Beauty

Early one morning last week this was in my yard.

IMG_4715I was fascinated by its shape and nearly perfect imitation of a golf ball on a tee.  (I think I got that right, I don’t even play.)

Then yesterday morning, this greeted me.  As one friend shared about her yard, it looked like the Smurfs had moved in overnight.




Isn’t that something?

I don’t know why, but I’ve been intrigued by them.  On my walk with Miss Sophie this morning I saw the tiniest little ones, barely discernible to my bifocaled eyes.  Where do they come from?  What brings them to the exact spot that they grow and not to any of the other 1000 places in my yard?  And why did they choose my yard over my neighbors’ yards?

I’ve gotta tell ya, it feels pretty magical.  I went to bed one night, no mushrooms.  I get up the next day and that right there.

Magic.  Of the fairies sort.  Or a test run for Santa and this is what he left.

All silliness aside, I’m in awe of these creatures.  I do not want a mushroom anywhere near my kitchen and especially not on my plate, but in my yard…..downright delightful.

How do they know how to grow?

I mean, in that perfect circle like that.  How is it that they do it–every.  single.  time.


There’s one in the backyard that my bifocaled eyes first thought was a rock.  It’s brown in color and HUGE.  The top is very full and “fluffy” looking.  It is going downhill slowly.  I wonder what the lifespan is on a mushroom.  I’ve never really had the chance to figure it out before because something or someone usually gets to any that we’ve had before they could reach their natural demise.

That round perfection…..of each and every mushroom in my yard.  The exact placement of each one.  That the One who created me took the time to place each one and taught it how it was supposed to grow, each and every one, in its perfect way…..that blows me out of the water.  Mind blown.

I guess this is where I should say something about grand design and how we are each created to grow and be just as we are… our own individual form of perfection.  But I won’t.

Instead I’ll say what I say when I see a perfect sunset or a field full of wildflowers or listen to the birds singing in my backyard (I’m a bird farmer, you know)…..

Good job, God!

I don’t want to eat one, but tonight I’m thankful for mushrooms.  All of them sprinkled across my yard.  For reminding me of the One who creates and for Whom our world and our hearts are palettes.  Such beauty even in the midst of fungus…..sometimes I really like how God rolls.