Maybe She’s a Whole Lot Smarter

This afternoon we were on our way home after our Princess’ ballet recital in Macon at my alma mater, Wesleyan College.  My husband had headed home down the main interstate when we came up to traffic backed up to a complete stop.  He decided to get off at the Eisenhower Parkway exit and take a different way home.  This used to be THE happening exit when I was little–it was the way to the Macon Mall, whose heyday has come and gone.  Oh, but in its day…..

As we finally got off the interstate, my little guy saw a Chick-Fil-A and asked if we were going to the Dwarf House.  Princess said in her knowing voice, “Nooo, the Dwarf House is in AT-Lanta, and we are in MA-con.”


I remember one evening when I probably wasn’t more than nine or ten, Mama and Daddy had loaded all four of us children in the car and were taking us to run an errand or something.  It was a longer drive than usual which meant we hadn’t just headed into town.  This was not a common occurrence, but I can’t remember the reason.  I remember it being dark and all of those lights.  I was not familiar with the area, and so many lights at night were mesmerizing.  We didn’t have those out in the country or in our small town at that time.  Fascinated, I asked, “Where are we?  Where are we going?”  For whatever reason, Daddy replied with one word, “Atlanta.”

All of a sudden we sat up taller.  Atlanta?  Really?  Wow.  WOW!  I don’t think we’d ever been to Atlanta before.

There was now so much to see and take in all of a sudden.  Then I saw the sign that, years later in hindsight, I realized meant that maybe Daddy had been teasing.  Or maybe he’d been tired of all the backseat banter and was looking for a creative way to hush us up by getting us to pay attention to what we were seeing.  (Goodness knows I’ve been there–today as a matter of fact.)

The Macon Mall sign today, a bit different from the one that I saw that night so many years ago.

The Macon Mall sign today, a bit different from the one that I saw that night so many years ago.


The sign said:  Macon Mall.

And I replied in amazement, “Wow.  They have a Macon Mall in Atlanta too?”  Yes, people, that right there was one of my best slam forehead to desk moments from my childhood.  And yes, truthfully, I was that gullible.  Probably why Daddy liked teasing me so much.

Today it tickled me that my girl was very aware of where she was.  Maybe she just gets out more than we did when we were her age…..or maybe, just maybe, she’s a whole lot smarter.