Haiku Week, Part 5

Those gatherings where the adults know each other but the children not as much, and by the end when it is time to leave, the children know each other better and have laughed more than any of the adults. Yeah those. Ever been to one?

The funny thing is–on the way home from such as this–I have asked my littles what their new friend’s name is. Most times I get a shrug. They don’t know, but they do know everything else about their buddies. They know the stuff that matters. I love it.

Family Reunion

laughter and giggles
children playing, joy abounds
making memories

Haiku Week, part 4

I’ve had moments in my life when I so wanted to record the moment for posterity that I came away feeling like maybe I didn’t really get to experience it fully. Don’t get me wrong. I think there are some moments that do need to be recorded in a photo or video, but not all. As Mama would nod and say, “Ecclesiastes”–a time for everything.

The past few days I’ve watched and paid attention to how much time folks spend behind their screens. (And at times, admittedly, myself included.) It worries me where we are headed as a people of community. Looking down or through the viewing screen and missing what is right in front of us.

Makes me sad.

Missing Out

watching the world from
behind the screen in my hands
I have missed it all

Haiku Week, Part 3

Oh, the grace of a new day! On a typical morning it is not long after I get up that they all begin stirring. Sometimes it’s before I can get myself put together good. But when I do sneak in a few moments…..aaahhhh. It’s like the universe is teasing me, because it is far too fleeting.

Rarest Sounds of Morning

all are still sleeping
the quiet amuses me
it will soon be gone

Haiku Week, Day 2

Have you ever had one of those moments when everything seems to be in its place and all is right with the world? Not only is it right, but you also have an incredible sense of clarity about where and when and how all will come together and be good.
I have. On more than one occasion. Usually something interrupts the beauty and peace of the moment and I’m back to real life–like a child who throws up in public or has a potty accident far from home or finding I’ve had toilet paper stuck to me awkwardly along with all that peace…..but before the interruptions, the return to the real world, isn’t it breathtaking?

Love to all.

fireworks in the sky
lights reflect on the water
all seems possible


Haiku Week begins


As I was going through some books from my parents’ house, I found this one. The Haiku anthology. I remember our teachers having us write haiku poetry at least once every year. Inspired by the rediscovery of this book, I decided to make this week “Haiku Week.” Over the next few days I plan to share at least one haiku or, in the event of the Haiku muse leaving the building, some other form of poetry. We will see how that goes. If you are inspired to write your own, I’d love it if you would share your creation. Love to all.

as I walk

the road not taken
is anyone here at all?
that’s reason enough