The Fourth Day of Christmas

On the fourth day of Christmas…..


“Happy new year 06463” by © Nevit Dilmen. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons 

four haikus for the season.


To Hallmark Channel and all your movies–

Hallmark, what you’ve done
is fill my heart with joy and
keep me up all night

I love getting all of the pretty Christmas cards from friends and family near and far every year.  But the unusual “card” from my sisterfriend stood out and warmed my heart.  Giving thanks for the gift of time.

The best Christmas card
Never came through the mailbox
A call from my friend

Just in case we tossed something not wrapping paper out after unwrapping our presents, I always wait to toss the bag.  At least 24 hours.  I know–Anxiety Girl and Justin Case work overtime on the “what ifs” as to what exactly we threw away.  

The wrapping paper
in a ball in the trash bag
Wait! Don’t toss it yet!

And this happened.  It was a fun and funny Christmas.  

Someone’s fav’rite gift
was in “Squatty Potty” box
I’ll leave it at that

Merry Merriment and Love to all!


And the Winner Is…..

For whatever reason, this fall our whole family has watched “Dancing With the Stars” together. We recorded it and waited until Aub was home from college and could watch it together. Thank you, DWTS folks, for making the finale this week, when she was home and we could watch it LIVE–something we never do. #wedonotdocommercialswell It has been a joy for many reasons, among them the age of my children, where we all picked our favorites and enjoyed the competition, and the different personalities of the dancers and pros. But the biggest reason we have so loved this season is, I believe, this has been the kindest and most fun cast of celebrity dancers ever. They built relationships with each other that were such a joy to see. As Aub said tonight, “I want to be friends with them.”

So do I.

Since we spent time watching the finale tonight, as I muted the commercials (why can’t they make those family friendly as well?), I composed some haikus about the evening.  As for who won, it was US–my family and all who shared the journey with this fabulous group of people.

Wishing you all something joyful or a good song (might I recommend one from the Back Street Boys?) to get your feet tapping. And if you missed this season, check out some of the showstopping dances on YouTube.


whole season of dance
laughter, tears, and all the feels
mirrorball trophy

Paris train hero
danced his way into our hearts
and learned to love dance

Back Street Boy came back
with steps both strong and graceful
he can sing AND dance

beautiful daughter
of the Crocodile Hunter
her smile is pure joy

now it is over
only memories remain
thankful for YouTube

Love to all.



A Night of Haikus

Because They Cared

some days the best thing
that happens–a face you know
greets you at the door

The Son-shine in My Life

little boy laughter,
a cacophony of joy
makes my spirit soar


taking colors from
the palette to the canvas
I see what can be


all the sounds around
dog barking, music playing,
my heart needs quiet

Stars As They Are

tucked away this night
shining, growing in the dark
nothing dims their light

Upon Finishing Her Second Decade of Life

the smile has not changed;
her heart is bigger and casts
its net far and wide

The First Time Our Hands Met

when we talked, your hands
were so excited they flew
and landed just right

It Won’t Always Be This Way

“just because” does not
live with “it will always be”
the good things will come

Counting Syllables

Yesterday we went on a Family Adventure to celebrate the light that is our Princess.  She is about to enter the double digits, and that is worth a special day of happy happy joy joy just for her.

I was eager and excited to make it happen.  And thrilled to plan the surprise.

But when it comes down to leaving home and being okay with it, sometimes I struggle just a little bit.

This coming from the girl who once packed up and moved away to Japan with the Fella and my Aub.

I don’t know if this struggle is in part due to the grief cycle or if it’s just my genetics coming out in me big time.

But leaving home can bring me a little stress.

The day was totally worth working through it though, and then…..we got back in the vehicle and prepared to head home.

Thank goodness the Fella was driving.

Bless him. I’m not a good passenger.  Apparently I have turned into my Mama with my driver’s side brakes and gasps for sound effects that make a trip really fun.

Yeah.  Bless his heart.

Because this happened.  And Anxiety Girl climbed in the vehicle and sat all buckled right there in the front seat with me.

On the way home from Atlanta.  The interstate became a parking lot.

On the way home from Atlanta. The interstate became a parking lot.

That right there.  Parking lots on the interstate.  People merging.  Without turn signals or advance warning.  Brake lights for miles.  A big reason I don’t like leaving home.  Things like that.  And then Anxiety Girl starts thinking about Miss Sophie at the house and worrying about her and what if we had an accident and what would happen and…..

I decided to try to work through some of the stress by counting…..


And so this was my haiku for our trip home last night.

ambulance lights pass
all I think is don’t let that
be us, please slow down
This was when the parking lot turned into “stop and go and stop and go fast, wait, no, stop” traffic.
Poor Fella.
But working on the haiku did help, and I’m sure he was relieved that I wasn’t co-driving for those few minutes.
Tonight I’m thankful for adventures (more on that later), and for a little girl who will wake up tomorrow as a pre-teen (!!!!!), and for a mischievous little guy who just came in to say goodnight and said, after he found out his sister is already in the bed, “Maybe I need to go bother her for the last time that’s she still nine.”  Oh me.  I am grateful for the Fella who is willing to drive any distance to make adventures happen and bring joy to his family.  Most of all, I give thanks for a safe journey there and back with all my people from oldest to youngest tucked in close beside me.  Except for Anxiety Girl.  She really wasn’t invited.  I wish her people would talk to her about not just honing in on other folks’ adventures.
Wishing you all a traffic-free day for adventures.
Love to all.

train of thoughts

riding on my train of thoughts through haikus tonight…..


leftover food and

dishes in the sink are the

remnants of good times


it was a joke said

the young boy, “after all I’m

only seven now”


she loves to plan fun

and games and things that show all

around they are loved


the laughter was good

the friends were the best of all

stories overflowed


she’s under my roof

for tonight at least and I

listen for her sounds


that one who’s known me

longest, her smile is like his

and it warms my soul


all is quiet and

lights are dim, time to lock up

put worries to bed


this day is done here

thankful for it all, full heart

memories echo



Love to all.  

typing with thumbs

Today this happened. And so tonight is a haiku kind of night, because I can only type so much with my thumbs before they get plenty tired. Which is pretty amazing if you really think about it–typing with one’s thumbs. Ah, the world we live in today. Amazing.

my computer died
tap the keys but no words come
writer with no tool

Apple brand or not
everyone knows which one
to choose except me

Y’all take care. Advice welcome.

Love to all.


weeping willow waves
fireflies twinkle afar to
bid summer farewell

put away the white
in the tradition of old
Labor Day is here

Georgia heat does not
respect the calendar so
fall will not come soon

Haiku Week, Part 7

Those moments when you can’t comfort your children, the ones you care for and love, when you can’t make it better?

Those are the worst.  Those hurts that a Band-Aid can’t fix.  Those times when anxiety has them worrying and having trouble thinking anything other than “worst case scenario” thoughts–they hurt my heart.  As Mama I want to fix it.  But I can’t always, can I?

In the past couple of weeks both of my girls have lived out situations that brought these words to mind…..


for my gift from God, because I can’t stop the hurting

you are always loved

whose little hand fit in mine

I will wipe those tears


when the world is scary

keep breathing, sweet one

one breath after another

it will be okay

Hoping you all have someone to love and to take your hand and comfort you.  Love to all.


Haiku Week, Part 6

I have taken more than a few moments this past week to look down at my feet in wonder. They truly amaze me. The same ten toes that brought my Mama and Daddy great joy upon being counted when I was first born, continue to share joy. I give thanks for my toes and my feet and how hard they work without much complaint (as long I don’t bring the foolishness of high heels back into our lives). One step at a time we go places together. And do things. They carry the burden that is me and have done so for nearly as long as I’ve been alive. They have changed over the years but never have they let me down. Such a great balance and team. My feet and me.

So it is with all of that I write:

Ode to my Feet, with love

These feet carry me
as far as my heart and mind
are willing to go