His Heart Was Full to Bustin’

This morning when I took Miss Sophie out for her morning sniff’n’smell, the sky was overcast, a dark grey, with heavy clouds just ready to let all the rain fall down upon us.  It was still out as well–nothing moving, reminiscent of a cold, winter morning–only it wasn’t cold or winter.  But neither was it very hot or summery feeling–for a Georgia morning in August, we’ll take it.

Because the air was still, it was very, very quiet.  So quiet that I could hear the songs of the insects and birds quite clearly.  It was so peaceful, I almost felt completely alone in that moment–well, me, Miss Sophie, and the One who painted it all.


As we turned back towards the house, I heard a sound that was out of place.  It was neither bird nor bug.  I couldn’t place it until I turned around and saw in the distance a man walking along with energy and purpose.  He had on headphones, and he was singing along to whatever he was listening to.  I couldn’t understand the words as they were of a language I didn’t recognize, but my soul understood the meaning.  I’m pretty sure he was singing worshipfully, as his voice was filled with awe and joy.

A sacred moment.

Miss Sophie and I quietly made our way back home, not wanting to intrude on his morning, but so thankful he’d intruded on ours.  I want to be like that, so filled with praises and joy, that I can’t do anything but burst out in song and enthusiasm–thankful for all I’ve been given, no matter who is around.  I want to be so in love with this life that I can’t be still–or quiet.

I’m working on it, y’all.

Tonight I’m thankful for a holy moment bursting into this quiet morning.  For a song that broke through the language barrier and the one who sang it, I give thanks.

May we all find something that fills us up and overflows our hearts with joy and love and wonder.

Love to all.

The Sweet Sound of Lighter Notes

So one evening after a long day of discussing hard things over the phone and through messaging, Aub, away at college, sent me this message, referring to some specialty lemonade I’d picked up on sale recently and sent up for her to try:


That made me smile.  Yes.  Lemonade.  Sweet and sour.  A perfect balance between the two.  And one of her favorites.

And then this exchange followed–


Wow.  That is truth.  Sometimes the simple things, the little things, even those we might call petty can be beautiful.  In the moments they give us to breathe.  To step away from the hard things we face every day.  To simply, if only for a minute, be.

Lighter notes.  Filled with grace.  A sweet, sweet melody.

As we were closing our conversation, I thanked Aub for that thought, because I felt pretty sure that the next day and all it entailed would “stink.”  And then I followed with, “Sorry, God.”

I mean, if each day is a gift from the Creator, I’m sure the last thing the One who is giving wants to hear from the one who is receiving is, “I’m sure this is going to stink.”

And then my girl gave me even more grace.

“The Holy Spirit is present even in the little stuff and the stinky stuff so I’m sure God forgives you.”  

When did this little one whom I brought into the world almost twenty years ago become so wise?  How did THAT even happen?

Tonight I’m thankful for those words that I so needed to hear that came from the mouth of one I love so much.  I’m thankful that things like lemonade can bring joy and light in the midst of turmoil and change and hard stuff.  It makes me happy that I can go from discussing real and serious things to sharing happy thoughts with this one who makes my heart glad.

May you all have someone to share “lighter notes” with and to remind you of the beauty in the pettiness and that God is always there, even in the hard stuff.  That’s so easy to forget, y’all.

Love and light to all.

Doing What is Beautiful

There is an Arabic term that means “doing what is beautiful.”


This word embodies taking one’s inner faith and living it out.

Another part of this way of life is to live as though God were standing just over there and could be seen.

This is such a lovely concept.  I have spent days wrapping my brain around it and thinking about what I would say when I shared this with you all.

Sarah Thebarge, author of The Invisible Girls, shares in her video blog “what’s the difference between a big story and a good story?” what it means to be a good and faithful servant in our world today.

It’s worth watching and less than five minutes long.  I see a connection here.  I think if we live like she describes, living out the good story–as small and unimportant as it may seem to us–we are living out ihsan.  Doing beautiful things according to what we believe, as though the Creator were standing right over there within sight.

I am sure I have oversimplified what this term means, and I mean no disrespect.  But I think we need more beauty and grace and inspiration to scatter kindness in our lives.  And I embrace a word that calls us to do just that.

May today be your day to write your good story.

Love to all.