The One About the Quiet

Being sick is a really bad experience.  With this MonsterBug2015 that has gone through our house, the one thing that we have had to do first and foremost is SLOW DOWN.  We’ve stayed home and we’ve had time of doing absolutely nothing, so our bodies could heal.  And in some of those moments, something really cool has happened.

Stillness.  In the quiet, hearing becomes clearer.  Thoughts aren’t so jumbled.  Neither are the calendars or the stress.

I’m not thankful for being sick by any means.  I wish I could go back about two or three weeks or so and wipe out those germs before they had a chance to grab hold of my family and turn our world upside down.  But it has been in the being sick that I have been reminded of the beauty of stillness, the beauty of the quiet.  The beauty of listening.