One Thousand

About a week ago, I happened to notice my blog post count.  It’s not something I’ve watched since around number 500 or so.  So imagine my surprise when I saw the number and then counted on my fingers to discover that I would hit Post 1000 tonight. This is post 1000. I’m smiling at the […]

The Fella’s Big Day

Shortly after I knew the Fella might be the One, I had a dream.  It was a time of war, very WWII era like–planes flying over, dropping bombs, warships on the water, fire everywhere, people frantically running.  And in my dream, I stood there watching it all. And I had a sense of peace. Because […]

Daddy and the Stale Vanilla Wafers

My Daddy loved stale vanilla wafers. I learned to love them too. Or rather, I should say, I learned I loved them too. Because, yes. Very good.  The flavor is no different, but it’s all about the texture. Daddy and I never really talked about our preference.  I just know that there was a feeling […]

Such a Pretty Plate

So I made myself a stir fry of sorts for lunch yesterday.  And when I was done, I thought to myself, “It’s such a pretty plate!” Over twenty years ago (how did that even happen?) I was director of a child-care center for low-income families whose parent(s) were working or in school.  I was still […]