Because She Told Me To

One of my dear friends decided to “be Mama” last night and told me to go write. I laughed as I replied, “You know, she’s the one who originally told me to do this. And that’s a story in itself.” So here it is. Daddy shared a story with me over twelve years ago. I was struggling […]

The One Thing They Never Told Me

On my out and abouts and errand running yesterday, I found myself in the Getting Place looking for a birthday present and picking up some things that we needed around the house.  I was walking past the endcaps in the baby section and I saw these. Adorable.  Right? Yes.  They are too cute.  Robes.  For […]

My Meltdown Button’s Stuck

Yesterday we pulled out of the driveway headed for a Field Trip, when my tire pressure light came on.  This has happened before when there was a significant temperature change, but I had no idea that a night with a low in the 50s would do it.  I got out and checked to see if […]

Time to Close a Tab

The first time I figured out how to open more than one tab on my computer I thought that was pretty much amazing.  That I could jump back and forth between two things or two screens was mind-boggling.  Keep in mind that in college I did my research from real books and periodicals, and we […]

“Shells Are Not Manna From Heaven”

And speaking of television, I stumbled across a new show this season.  I say stumbled, but really it sort of jumped out and grabbed my attention.  I mean with Rob Lowe, Fred Savage, and William Devane, how could it do anything else? It’s called “The Grinder.”  Rob Lowe’s (we also go way back) character is […]

Rainy Days and Monogrammed Hoods

The rain. Y’all. And we haven’t even gotten the worst of it here where I am. I’m not complaining–when I have the luxury of staying at home and not being out in it, I can find my happy place in the midst of these rainy, dreary days. Cool temperatures? Even better. (SOOOO ready for hoodie […]

Share the Stories, Say Their Names

Today I sat in a church that holds memories of important days for me and added one more.  I sat there, saying goodbye to a man who taught me Physical Science in college.  And so much more. It was a privilege sitting with others who love and miss him, listening to the one who was […]

Maybe I Should Wear a Cone of Shame

I don’t know that I’ve ever had a Monday so stereotypical as this past Monday. You know, one where you’d really rather just pull the covers up over your head and go back to sleep? Yeah.  That was my morning.  Between me and Miss Sophie, we stayed in the road for appointments.   One in […]